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New powerpack 7S 22P
(09-07-2018, 07:22 PM)Christiaan Plug Wrote: Hi Frank,

I've noticed that in the last picture you have a battery pack of a Gazelle bike laying on your power pack.
I have some too. But I have a hard time to get rid of the bus strips. When removing it leaves holes in the battery.

How do you remove the bus strips so that the battery doesn't damage?


Hi Chris, 

I actually never opened a gazelle battery. It still holds +350w and I use it as a small 40v powerpack.
About the bus strips.....I even try to leave some on the cell, it makes it easier to solder/weld on the battery.

When I accidentally have a hole in a battery I always put it in the bin to recycle, I advice to do the same for security and capacity reasons.

Have fun recycling.


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