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High secure PW from Austria.

the next 13kWh are processed now.
And because they will go to my mom, it hast to be extra extra safe.

It starts with 1680 cells (still testing):


Going to a new arrangement:

That fits in 14 cases:

They will go to 2 steel boxes of these:

This time with Batrium and Victron.

Keep you up to date in this thread.
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Wow that looks awesome. The space in the middle of each of the plastic cases is for the longmon? Do you plan on making the cases "plug&play" e.g. with SP20 connectors or sth similar with a little more than 25A max. rating?

Do you have any knwoledge on the heat buildup in each of the plastic and then in the steel casing? But I guess that depends on the maximum amp-draw of the inverter.

Definately a project thread I'll regularly check into.
Try avoid the additional plastic in the steel boxes, if the cells get hot enough to cascade all the plastic mass inside will be vented as a highly toxic gas (and smoke screen) until it get's hot enough to ignite the plume....

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