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Anyone using a SofarSolar ME3000SP inverter
(01-24-2019, 07:32 AM)Juliehelen101 Wrote: Yes we do have pylon batteries. We have been reading the manual and researching and that’s our next step , to check all the parameters etc. We managed to reboot it so we can now at least get in to the menu to check everything . It’s a slow process as we are not electricians , so just trying to find our way around it .at 2.44am this morning , the batteries were almost fully charged ( from the grid , economy 7) but by 7am ,one was completely empty and the other almost . It didn’t appear that we had had the usage from them , according to our smart meter . The researching continues .
Thanks for your reply .
I have a Sofar ME3000SP with Pylon battery, and my Sofar box has shut down as well - display completely blank.
Battery is in standby - green light flashing very slowly.
How did you manage to reboot the Sofar box?
(08-06-2019, 12:46 PM)Freitag83 Wrote: Is the solarman app the only one for this charger?
Is very intermittent at loading all the data.

Refresh and it shows all input and export,  wait to refresh 5 min later and it’s only showing solar produced but no batt, mains , or usage!!!


I just set mine up. I have an issue at the moment with no data connection to my cheap Chinese BMS.

But it is displaying the grid and the solar panels.

Is it normal for the consumption to display 0w or should it be displaying what I’m consuming.

I’ve also noted that when I’m consuming more that I’m producing that the grid seams to be the sum of the consumption and solar.

UK Southwest.

7 kWp Solar Panels (28 x 250Wp Shinetime Mono).
14 X APS YC500i Micro Inverters.
42 X 40P 18650 cell packs/modules configured as 14S 120P.
Sofar Mass Energy ME3000SP AC coupled charger/inverter.
Still sourcing and processing cells for powerwall.
About halfway into my next batch of cells for another 14 40P packs
13 kWh processed and operational so far.
Hi all,

I too am installing an ME300SP but I am struggling to understand some of the parameters being used here. I have Yuasa SWL2500EFR Lead-Acid batteries. The manufacturers' datasheet has the following details

Nominal voltage (V) 12
10m rate Constant Power (Typ) to 9.6V at 20°C (W/Block) 2940
10m rate Constant Power (Typ) to 1.6V/cell at 20°C (W/Cell) 490
20-hr rate Capacity to 10.5V at 20°C (Ah) 93.6
10-hr rate Capacity to 10.8V at 20°C (Ah) 91.4

Charge Voltage
Float charge voltage at 20°C (V)/Block 13.65 (±1%)
Float charge voltage at 20°C (V)/Cell 2.275 (±1%)
Float Chg voltage tmp correction factor from std 20°C (mV) -3
Cyclic (or Boost) charge Voltage at 20°C (V)/Block 14.5 (±3%)
Cyclic (or Boost) charge Voltage at 20°C (V)/Cell 2.42 (±3%)
Cyclic Chg voltage tmp correction factor from std 20°C (mV) -4

Charge Current
Float charge current limit (A) No limit
Cyclic (or Boost) charge current limit (A) 22.5

Maximum Discharge Current
1 second (A) 1000
1 minute (A) 500

Therefore, from this, I have only got the following so far (48v values in brackets)

max charge voltage 14.5 (58v)
max Charge current 22.5A
max protect voltage
min discharge voltage 11.5v (46v) - ASSUMED
max discharge current SET TO ANY HIGH VALUE
min protect voltage
discharge depth
empty discharge voltage MAYBE 11v
full charge voltage 13.65v (54.6v)

I would be very grateful if someone could even provide me with some guidance for the missing values.

Thanks in advance
All good,

I found out about using the following. It may help someone else in the future.

1. Battery type: Default
2. Battery capacity: 360Ah (Set to the size of your battery bank)
3. Max charge voltage: 57,6V
4. Max charge current: 40A
5. Max protect voltage: 58V
6. Min discharge voltage: 47V (Set to the lowest you want to allow the batteries to drain to)
7. Max discharge current: 60A
8. Min protect voltage: 42.5V
9. Discharge depth: DOD 50%
EPS Safety Buffer 20%
10. Empty discharge voltage: 44V
For those with Pylon Batteries and the ME3000SP, it seems you need a specific cable for the BMS of the Pylon to talk to the Sofar unit.  I found the details on the MyEnergi forum, for someone who ended up in a similar situation. 

Pins 3 & 4 (centre two of a 6 pin RJ11 connector) on the ME3000SP connect to pins 7 & 8 pn the Pylon Battery - pic attached


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