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Building the Wall

I have just finished my 18650 processing sequence.
I have done about 350 cells so far.

It looks like I can put together 1 1S80P battery pack  a week for quite a while.

As of yet, I have not invested in inverters (besides cheapo auto 12V/24V) or solar panels (have one I have been playing with).


1.  Can I set up a Breaker Box right beside my Grid Breaker Box.
2.  Then migrate one circuit at a time, off of the Grid onto my PV/Power Wall Breaker Box?

In my mind, the above would allow me to slowly migrate to PV power as I have the funds available to purchase more PV and better equipment.

What do ya'll think, would it be possible, and legal here in the good ole USA.

Thanks for any shared knowledge.
Bob - has trouble wiring a 3-way switch Blush
It's legal in the US if you use all UL-certified equipment (including inverter, which means buying a $4000 model) and follow all electrical code requirements with your new breaker box.
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so yes, you can do that setup. Just make sure you have your inverters close and plenty of room for expansion. You dpnt want to have to redo your work later down the road.
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From a strictly utilitarian point of view as long as you don't try to connect the two systems in any way you shouldn't have a lot of problems, if I were in your shoes that's the way I would do it. I'd go so far as to drive separate ground rods for the two systems to keep them electrically isolated.

Others probably know more of the legalities than I do, they aren't as much of an issue in an off grid situation.
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