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which domains to accept cookies from
Hi ... I'm a brand new member here, and having trouble logging in on my usual browser.

I have cookies blocked by default on my usual browser (Firefox) and then SELECTIVELY accept cookies from domains as needed to make websites work (usually needed for login).  I am now accepting cookies from secondlifestorage dot com (the TLD and any subdomains) but login still doesn't work.  Login does work on another browser (used only for websites where I'm having this problem) that accepts all cookies.

Usually this happens when your login/auth mechanism needs to set cookies from some OTHER domain, like googleapis dot com or something like that.  Do you happen to know what domains I should be accepting cookies from, besides secondlifestorage dot com, in order for login to work?
I use firefox too and haven't had any problems. have you tried clicking on "login"in bar on top of page? should bring up a dialog window with your nick it will put in your password if saved. click login. works for me. I have cookies set to be deleted upon close of firefox.

Later floyd
floyd then you allow all cookies. ChrisC doesnt do that Smile

I just checked and I only get cookies from this website to keep logged in and log-in.
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If you want logins to work for sites like sls or other wanted sites, maybe try this:
clear all cookies, allow all cookies, visit the site, look for the sls related ones, add them to kept exceptions, set cookies back to restricted, test.
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Cookies are set under the "" domain.
There are no bad cookie monsters on the site, only cookies from the advertising to block.

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(09-24-2018, 08:24 AM)daromer Wrote: floyd then you allow all cookies. ChrisC doesnt do that Smile

I just checked and I only get cookies from this website to keep logged in and log-in.

(09-24-2018, 12:02 PM)mike Wrote: Cookies are set under the "" domain.

Thanks guys.  Puzzling, as it still doesn't work for me.  Bummer.  I'll have to stick with the alternative browser (Chrome) for now.
I'm using Cookie Autodelete, which functions very much like Firefox's Self-destructing cookies.

Note that installing it does not delete all current cookies. If there's a cookie for website X, it won't be deleted until you visit website X and then don't whitelist it. That means all your currently "remember me" cookies won't go away unless you forget to whitelist them.

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