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Dennis' 14s200p x 2.
(09-24-2019, 08:42 PM)RikH Wrote: Looks really awesome man! But what happened to the racks from the beginning of your topic? What MPP hybrid are you using? And yeah, a video would be very nice!

They are in the big cabinet mate. Smile Let me take some more pictures close up. 


Just added a metal plate, used for cables. 

Video? hmm... i think there is a lot out there. Anything in particular
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(09-28-2019, 08:22 PM)WuggyBuggy Wrote: Video? hmm... i think there is a lot out there. Anything in particular?

It looks fantastic, just an overview perhaps?

Daromer said in his posting you have the same inverter as he has but I remember he was not to happy with it, especially about its self-consumption. What is your experience?

(In the mean time I bought its little brother, its waiting to be installed)

No mpp have low Idle. The best Round 60w. Hybrid 80w per phase.
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(09-29-2019, 06:37 AM)daromer Wrote: No mpp have low Idle. The best Round 60w. Hybrid 80w per phase.
Is there a way to force the unit into sleep-state externally, or do you just let it run the battery down for this?
Well if you want something better, you have to pay a lot more money. So you have to do a cost/benefit calculation. The other inverters were just too expensive. (Which have a lower idle consumption).

and since I got 6kW Solar, I couldn't see any problems with MPP. I really like the software as well.
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Finaly I have my 2nd series up and running! Cabinet started to look finished with the front and sides closed. 

I'm getting ready for 3th 14s with the spot weld sheets from battery-hookup. That is going to be a walk in the park to get done! No more freaking glass fuses! I bet the Chinese can feel the DIY community switching to sheet instead of glass fuses Big Grin As you see even the battery company have rookies, someone draw with a magic market on the batteries. So the person knew where to paralel them and put balance leads on them. Big Grin

Just waiting for the last charger from megacell charger! I love it! Get one before your neighbor. Big Grin 

I also made a rough drawing of the 230v/400V. The ATS and 24V will come shortly.

AND have a happy new years! Dont blow up any of your fingers.
Woaw....looked up at megacell charger on the web.
Looks neat.

Are you happy with it ? How accurate is it ?
And could you give us the size of the board ? (Lengh / width ?)

Thanks in advance.....Happy new year....and congrats on your powerwall. Very clean install.
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Really nice build, following...
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