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Everglades Powerwall
A/C isn't necessarily to "cool" the room. It just needs to dehumidify Wink Altho, you could get a dedicated dehumidifier. But, those are usually a bit more expensive and less capacity than an A/C unit. Just get an A/C that has that setting built in, as it has a humidity sensor as well.

I have one, and works pretty well. I didn't use the cooling function until partly into June
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One year update... time sure flies when you're having fun! This will be a pretty long post.

Until recently, not a whole lot has actually happened on the Everglades project other than steady progress on the cell harvest. I'm now up to 2065 tested usable cells. Cell harvesting is for me a nice way to wind down after work. Very therapeutic. My supply has been steady, maybe even getting a little ahead of me.

So I know I should be kicked back relaxing at the camp by now with full AC power and ceiling fans blasting. But my biggest flaw is that, given a choice, I can't help but over-research everything. To the point that the "thing" never actually gets done. I'll spend hours reading forum posts, watching YouTube videos, and then follow the rabbit hole researching every idea that piques my interest. There comes a point where I have to either jump in, or move on to something else. Well, I've jumped in... just a little sideways.

My initial plan was to build my powerwall project sized for my needs at the camp in the 'glades. I was going to build it here at the house and test. Then haul it to the camp for final installation. But since I've accumulated so many cells, and we're often without power here at our rural Florida home, I've decided to build instead for an off-grid power backup system here. This will give me a better practical understanding of how to maintain a working solar system. Then I'll be better equipped to install something workable for the camp.

So I'm building my home system primarily as a "grid-down" backup and secondly to power as many loads as possible while the grid is up. The system will be located in the barn where my shop and mancave are. I'm hoping to power all of the loads on that subpanel and will backfeed to the house whenever we have a prolonged power outage. I've doubled the size of my battery from 14s60p to 14s120p which should be somewhere around 14 KwH.

Within the last month, I've actually started buying stuff!

Took a trip over to Sun Electronics in Miami Lakes. Picked up six Astronergy 305W panels at $0.30/W. They're testing well so I'll be going back soon to get some more. 

Also ordered an MPP Solar LV 5048 inverter charger. This is an off-grid hybrid 5000W split-phase unit with two integrated 80A MPPT charge controllers. Can't wait to get it hooked up and running.

Also made the decision to avoid soldering directly to cells in my packs. I ordered the Malectrics Arduino spot welder, and it's working great! Built a little 4s20p pack with lower cap cells a couple weeks ago just for kicks. It's been powering my LTE modem in the barn for over a week without charge. Using a buck controller to keep a steady 12.3 V for the modem. My cheap PWM controller can't charge above 14.4V unfortunately. I'll hook up the iMax B6 to finish it off.

I mocked up a 120p pack today using cull cells. Built a jig for the buss bars which are 3 twisted strands of 12AWG copper in a loop. Should be good to carry 240A which will be plenty if I ever load up the inverter. I'll be spot welding cells in pairs and tying those to the buss bars with either axial glass fuses or 30AWG fuse wire. We'll see what works best.

Waiting on a slow boat from China for some other things like an IR tester, shunt trip breaker, etc.. System is coming along slowly but surely.
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I wish to go to get a cup of coffee over there.....
Selling everything at marketplace.
(10-29-2019, 06:07 PM)100kwh-hunter Wrote: I wish to go to get a cup of coffee over there.....

Come on over. But all I have is cold beer. It's 94℉ (34℃) today ... way too hot for coffee. Welcome to Fall in south Florida. ?
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