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Because I can....Powerwall
Well, I think its time I post my progress so far, I feel a few people get this far and lose interest, especially when they realize how time-consuming processing cells is.

Here are my observations thus far, after processing nearly half the cells I require:

1. I think I am a qualified bomb-disposal tech now....(every time I cut the red wire I feel as if I can dispose of bombs easily.....oh gawd...)
2. Not all Sanyos are heaters...just most of them...
3. My wife has nearly disowned me
4. Nickel off-cuts on the carpet are not fun

All of that and I have not even started the fun stuff.
I have a detailed post of part 1 on my blog.

However to sum it up quickly.

I have bulk laptop batteries, I cut them open, I built a charge wall and I am STILL processing cells.... (See attached pics.)

Chargey McChargeFace + Chargey McDischargeface


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Wow love the laser work! Makes ya look pro - Shared on fb group for you!
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(10-23-2018, 12:46 AM)hbpowerwall Wrote: Wow love the laser work! Makes ya look pro - Shared on fb group for you!

Was all CNC router work mate. My Laser is only 700x500, could not fit it in, otherwise, I would have engraved on the laser.
This engraving technique requires way too much stuffing around....engrave, paint the grooves then sand the top back.
Love seeing NC work !!!!!!
ya  I loose time when playing with my NC Router....   hours go by... days go by … then you remember the good old days of writing G-Code without programs like HMS , Fusion , MasterCam..     I could spend a week on a program just to get the basic tool path. Then you had to play with your feed rate and VFD to prove the program.
Anyway back to your project !!
Keep doing what your doing , there comes a time when ya go .. WOW I'm getting there !
Just need a few more good cells !  LOL 

Seeing the work of others keeps me going on mine . 
thanks for sharing
Good Luck and keep everyone posted ..
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Ok, so in-between processing, I'm trying to sort out things in my mind so I don't sound like a total donkey when talking with the sparkies to sort out some of the wiring.

I wrote down some of the goals/aims in the graphic. Obviously, this is a living diagram and like most I'm learning as we go. I certainly am no expert!
Any comments welcome.

and yes, I took inspiration from Pete's diagrams and a few others.... cheers.
Bit of a milestone update! Reached 700 processed cells!!! 700 to go. My first buy of laptop batteries was the 4th October. So at this rate should be done by January! Hahaha

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I like the color  Tongue
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My setup:
Now THAT"s a wall! Big Grin

Just don't make a room out of them Wink
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Been a while since updating. However as we all know progress testing cells can be tedious. 12 packs down, 3 to go!!!

Updates include the purchase of batrium gear, purchase of ZJ Beny trip shunt, some black/red 35mm2 cable and a 160a fuse disconnect.

Oh and the most progress has been in the shed. Insulated the roof, got a sweet B&R cabinet for a steal and put up some structural ply ready for inverter. Would 12mm structural ply be suitable?? I can double it up, but 24mm seems overkill.

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Well, progress is progress...

Packs sorted, Busbars are done, Cabinet Shelves are done and temp sensors kinda done...

Plenty of stuff ups along the way...

Yes, I got the busbars all nice and straight, got the right angle bends a bit tigher....all ready for fusing!
Oh, and my first intention was to mount these things vertically...hence the 3D printed mounts. But as it turns out, I had heaps of v-slot lying around and can use the mounts still to secure horizontally.
Most expensive shelves EVER..... but hey, gotta do, what you gotta do.

and yes, still tons to go.

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