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reverse-engineered BMS, Teensy3.2 based, working with Tesla module oem slaveboard
Carel, Denmark operate a positive list for grid connected inverters and unfortunately currently there are no SMA battery inverters on the list, but the Solar-X inverters are on the list. Does SIMP support SolarX hybrid inverters?

short answer is:
no, Solax is not supported

as far as I know of,
we've been stepping on new ground here,
trying to develop a set-up where we could use second-life ev-batteries in a HV system with commercial HV inverters

We went for SMA at the time, since such a well-known brand in the market place.
it's simple actually, our first effort, and investment, needs to be completed, so we'll stick to SMA until finished or fail.
Any support from the community is appreciated

best Carel
pro-LOX, Carel Hassink, 
Obdam, Netherlands
36Kw ESS, 320 Yuasa LEV40 cells
14.2Kwp Ciggs solar panels, 2 Goodwe 3phase inverters
SMA SI 8.0 single phase + controls, REC BMS

second life ev/phev li-on batteries
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