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Time Delay and Post Limit Requiments
Curious, could it be possible to have a time delay and/or a post limit before a user can post in the Marketplace?  I've seen a lot of users who join, and their first post is the marketplace.

I'm not say they are shady in doing this, or this is anything inherently wrong. But I worry more about the quality or the validity of the items for sale, and also the dedication of the seller. 

In other words, don't like the idea of that some joe schmoe can create an account, put up an item, get paid for "said" item, and then walk off with the cash. Putting a little effort into the forum before they could post might be a good idea.

Or, I could just be overly paranoid. Which, is probably not to far from the truth.  Tongue
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
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I get where your coming from but some don't like forum format's but still need to off load gear it's a tough call for sure.
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