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Ebike help
(09-18-2019, 04:29 PM)wakila Wrote: I'm goign to buy a conversion kit that has a 48V1000W brushless gearless hub motor. I believe i can make a 4.94 kWh battery (103aH * 48v) with 52 cell (103aH/2000mAh **roughly). Is my thinking wrong on this? is this enough?

Incorrect on the math. It's nominal voltage, not 48V. So if you go with 14s for a "48V" system, the voltage range is approximately 44.8 - 57.4V with a nominal voltage of 51.8V. If each parallel pack/section comes to 103Ah, then 103 * 52 = 5356Wh, or there abouts. At least you calculated lower, better than over calculating and being surprised with crap performance.

1000W / 48 = 21A at full throttle. Surge wattage is probably gonna be closer to 2000W (this is from dead stop and hard acceleration) which means a possible 42A draw from the battery. 52 cells in parallel divided by 42A = 1.23A per cell. This is probably fine for short bursts on reclaimed cells. A bit of a stress on laptop cells, but they probably would handle it. Just don't expect several years worth of life from them. Now, gentle acceleration will be a lot safer/kinder on these cells.
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