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Really frustrating Batrium experience!
I will also add a comment here. While I do get prompt communication back from Batrium, the information usually is to look on this forum and see if someone can answer my question ...and then the usual offer for me to pay for a session with Batrium if I really want them to help me. That is a major "con" for the Batrium system IMO. They are using this forum and what is posted on Youtube by members here to avoid investment in customer support. The good news is there are many here who are willing to help (and I hope I can be one of those in the future). But that should only go so far .... support is a cost of selling a product and the Batrium is not cheap.
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(05-17-2019, 05:59 AM)Geek Wrote:
(05-10-2019, 02:31 PM)OffGridInTheCity Wrote: ----

Should I be worrying about anything beyond hi/low battery volts  hi/low pack volts, and temp?
(oh yes - I do have smoke detector and fire estinquisher within 4 feet of battery/inverter area Smile )

Just beware, you cannot extinguish a lithium fire. Only slow it down, or contain it.

We all know that driving a car is 'a risk' but we accept that risk as a reasonable.  A cell phone 'can' catch fire, but it seems statistically very small and likely low damage - so it seems much less risky than driving car. 

My question -  is a properly manged (fused, balanced, Batrium monitored hi/low cells, shunt-triped, ..) 18650 battery bank several 1000 cells 'safe enough' to be in the relm of a reasonable risk like driving a car.   

I know this a grey question -   but I'm genuinely interested if there is some kind of community consensus or thought tree on expressing the level(s) of risk.
For example, a well running pack/cell with multi-month history is not likely to go haywire in 24hrs... but I could see it become errant over several weeks? So it would be smart to turn of the Solar system (disconnect the battery) for a multii week vacation because no one is in attendance.

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