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Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)
Yes! I really want to do that as soon as I get my hands on an inverter. If it doesn't work due to communication differences, there's always the possibility to modify some CAN messages Smile

On another note, I launched a Patreon site last week. I'll be ramping up video productions! Already got the first tech-deep-dive video up on the site. The video will be released to the public in a few weeks, but if you feel like supporting my reverse engineering attempts I wont stop you Smile

The topic for the first video Smile
[Image: NmEi9ZZ.png]
signed the project as insurance to have long life of my Leaf... and because have to support open initiatives like this one that allow all leaf owner to extent the life of their car. e.g. make it cheaper and less contaminant extending it's life.
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Thank you so much ginetto Smile

And now the video is made available to the public, here's a link if you wanna watch:
So here's a fun sideproject! With the help of some friends, we created a working prototype 'nag-deleter' for my friends LEAF, a 2014 24kWH AZE0
[Image: l54XqIk.png]

Those of you that have a higher spec LEAF knows how annoying it is to press OK every time you want to use the radio/nav system after starting the vehicle. Due to a recent discovery by one of my Patrons (kudos to Jonas Andersson!), my interest in the quite undocumented AV-CAN grew. Since my own car is a base model LEAF, and I already installed an Android headunit, I couldn't experiment directly with this. Thankfully one of my friends own a LEAF that has the higher spec navigation system, and we could experiment on it.

To bypass the nagscreen is quite easy. Just send some messages onto the AV-CAN (OBD2 pin 11 = H, pin 3 = L) roughly 9 seconds after the car is started. You can get it to go straight to FM, Nav or Status.

To get it to Status, send these 3x messages 100ms between each:

0x681 0x04 30 40 0d b1 ff ff ff

0x681 0x04 40 40 0d b1 ff ff ff

0x681 0x04 50 40 0d 31 ff ff ff

To get it to FM, send these 3x messages 100ms between each :

0x681 0x04 20 40 0d a3 ff ff ff

0x681 0x04 30 40 0d a3 ff ff ff

0x681 0x04 40 40 0d 23 ff ff ff

We then built a ESP32 based box with a MCP2551-IP CAN transceiver tacked onto it. We coded up a simple program that detects when CAN messages start to arrive, waits for X amount of seconds, and fires the desired selection onto the bus. The device is powered via OBD2 pin8, which is a switched 12V supply, so the device doesn't consume power when the car is off.

The finished product, tucked behind the OBD2 port
[Image: dtaKMe4.png]

Here you can see it in action
I did a quick summary on my car as an intro to my channel, it's a bit rough but I'm slowly getting the hand of video editing Big Grin
So I recently purchased a row house, that came with a garage and a small storage unit. I started to clean up and paint the garage, along with getting the electrical system up to spec for EV charging. I'm gathering some footage on this, and will make a video on the renovation. But here's a quick before shot on the storage unit, just moved in the printer to it since I needed to ramp up production on 3d-printed parts.

[Image: 36s67G0.jpg]

I already replaced the 60W bulb with a 10W LED to make it a bit brighter. I will remove the improvised bench, and add some insulation to the walls. Then rebuild the bench area. So much FUN! Smile I am loving not living in a multistorey building anymore!
Congratulation on the purchase of the house. looks like the drywall ceiling is bending and would make a mess if it fell down on top of you or the 3D printer. Really enjoy reading about your projects.

Later floyd
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Now it's time to add solar and a powerwall :-)
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Here's a quick video showing where I mount the CAN-bridges when I do battery upgrades on the Nissan Leaf, and also this video contains a quick guide on how to update the software running on these CAN-bridges. The info here is really useful if you are planning to install a DIY CAN-bridge / MITM device on a Leaf!
I tweaked my energy subscription slightly.
I used to have a wind-power subscription, which cost 4,90 cent/kWh (+6cent transfer fee). That totals up to 10.9c/kWh. With this subscription, it would cost 4.24€ to fill up the car from 0-100% (40kWh).

I scoped the consumption on the new place, it was nice to see data from the few days I've lived here already. This is what it looks like:
[Image: hoHvkYJ.png]

The new agreement I signed is called "climate-electricity", and was 100% renewable energy. Renewable by their definition was solar,wind and nuclear. This I can agree with! I signed up for a lower fee during the night, that way I get 3.60 cent/kWh at night, and 4,24cent/kWh during the day (plus 6c transfer).

Since I normally only charge during the night, it would then cost 3.84€ to fill up the car from 0-100%. This is a cost reduction of 10%! I have a hot water heater that runs during the night, so the savings will be even greater over time. Feels good being able to help the power grid and run entirely of renewable!

Now if only I could get some solar panel action going here....

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