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Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)
Very good  Smile

I'm off to collect a pair of complete 30kWh packs next week.
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So I finished the bottom balancing. Here are the results

I was hoping to get a peek of the model number for the shitty replaced cell, but unfortunately it is below the visible sheet metal.

Here is the car, fully charged. Note that it only goes to 83% SOC, limited by the shitty degraded cell that hits 4.1V before the rest.

After driving it for 15km.

After driving it for 30km

Noticed that the fully charged GOM now says 140km instead of 180km. The bars are also lost quicker up top now (expected!) but should now be a bit more stable at lower SOC.

This concludes manual balancing. Now the next step is to actually replace the module. The bottom balancing will probably squeeze out a few more km's, might even be able to hit >100km now, but cell replacement is inevitable.
Personally I'd pull that cell and replace it when it comes in. No amount of Balancing will cure low capacity on a cell.
******Hi My name is Jason and I have SOCD (Solar Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)*******
Current Powerwall - 1400 Cells 7s200p (modular 40p packs) ~ 12kWh of storage     4x 315W Canadian Solar Panels

Working on the next 7s40p packs     ~2.5kWh

Waiting on 2000 Cells of unused Sony vt4 (2000mah 30A) ~ 15kWh      hehehehehe  More Power
That pack has had a short, easy life - do you have access to a rapid (50kW) ?
(11-21-2018, 08:48 PM)jdeadman Wrote: Personally I'd pull that cell and replace it when it comes in. No amount of Balancing will cure low capacity on a cell.

Ofcourse! This is just the extra legwork I decided to do, when the time comes to put in a new cell, I can just deplete the battery (thanks to my bottom balancing efforts) and slap in a new cell at <5% SOC. The extra time spent here helps further down the line.

(11-21-2018, 09:44 PM)Sean Wrote: That pack has had a short, easy life - do you have access to a rapid (50kW) ?

Loads of them floating around here, 3x CHAdeMO within 5km range of my flat! But I tend to stick to the free L1 chargers, might aswell save that 1€ on each charge lol Tongue
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I just went 80km on a charge with heat on, then the low battery warning popped up. But all is not doom and gloom, I got my hands on a cell!

It came from Italy, a company that specializes in conversions and home-brew scooter solutions. It was cheap, and SUPPOSEDLY low mileage.

Part number: 295B9-3NF0B QR 14520 07486

Before I just chuck this one in, it might be wise to capacity test it. Wouldn't be fun at all to put in the hours and end up with similar range.

Specs seem to point towards 0.3C discharge rate, so that's what I'll aim for. Only problem is, I only have 18650 capacity testers that are made for max 10AH batteries... Might be time to invest in some better testing equipment.
So I've now driven 600km with the leaf, might give you guys a status update.

The charging situation is not ideal to say the least. Neither my apartment complex nor workplace wants to let me charge. So this leaves me with only public charging places (3x in my city) and the occasional visits to parents. Sometimes the public ones are temporarily unavailable (broken/occupied), so I am certainly paying the early adoptor tax. Not impossible to live with, but if you don't have home or workplace charging, I don't reccomend getting an electric car frankly.

So let's improve the situation. The Nissan branded charging cable that came with the car charges at a measly 8Amp. This roughly translates into 8km per hour added to the battery. This makes family visits long, since I need to spend ca 3-6h charging when visiting. Since that is way too much family time, I purchased the chinese Duosida 16A EVSE. It costs 200€, so quite cheap! (Original Nissan charger costs 700€!)

It works in exactly the same way as the stock one, but instead it draws 16Amps when charging. 16A is quite a lot from 240V AC, so you need to be careful where you plug this charger in, if it's a 10A outlet for instance you will trip the fuse. This cuts the charging time in half, so now I only need to spend 2-3h charging!

I haven't had time to measure the capacity of the Italy cell, so I just put a small load on it to make it closer to 7V resting voltage, which is way better than the 8.2V it shipped with.
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So Christmas came early, and the previous owner sent me an identical cell from the batch he used to 'fix' the car. It is from USA and has 30 written on it. If I were a betting man, I'd say that the 30 stands for 30Ah measured on one 4V cell. That would be a 33Ah->30Ah, 90.1% degraded cell, which makes sense. I will have to measure it myself to make sure. But at least now I can take a rough reference without taking the car out of service, and compare it against the Italian cell.

What a complicated origin story, kudos if you are still following the thread Smile

On a more interesting note, I did another tweak. I intend to switch all incandescent bulbs over to LED to save some electricity. The 10W license plate bulbs got swapped over to Osram 2W LEDs.

Yellow incandescent on left (although my phone made it way whiter that it actually was), LED on the right

Doubt I actually get any more range with this mod, maybe half a meter more? Big Grin
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I'll have a small quantity of cells available shortly if you aren't happy with the capacity of your new acquisition  - from a rolled 2015 24 with just shy of 5k on it.
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Happy holidays! The Leaf is happily churning out spruces as I drive, very festive Smile

I am continuing the LED upgrade, here is the boot space lamp

And here is the dome light. Both got 31mm wedge LEDs.

I need all the range I can get now. When the cold hits this hard -12*C, the effective range falls down to 60km-ish. It is such a shame that I cannot prewarm it anywhere, if I could the range would be so much better. I noticed that if I prewarm it and charge right before leaving, the range is the same as autumn.

It is also quite hard to wash the car at -12, here is what happened when I started the pressure washer Tongue

But after heating it in the garage, I could wash and wax it properly Smile

Oh, and this came in the mail. More on this later Smile

(12-19-2018, 09:57 PM)Sean Wrote: I'll have a small quantity of cells available shortly if you aren't happy with the capacity of your new acquisition  - from a rolled 2015 24 with just shy of 5k on it.

Interesting, I will try to cap test and let you know as soon as possible!
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