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Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)
Kewls, it has OpenEnergyMonitor project with it. Nice.

In the last pic, I see you have your furnace stacked up. That smoke stack will produce LOTS of heat in the garage Tongue
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(01-11-2019, 12:47 PM)Dala Wrote: This showed up in the mail.

Now I can start capacity testing the big Leaf cells! I settled on the reasonably priced Antimatter charger/discharger. It can do 10A charge and 7A discharge. I started it a bit more gently, and the test is going to take some time. I set the upper voltage to 4.1V, and discharge down to 3.0V. If I had set the upper voltage to 4.2, it would ofcourse net more capacity, but as long as I do the same for each cell I test, I will come to a conclusion what cell would be best to use in the car.

My reasoning for 4.1v instead of 4.2v, it's just what the Leaf BMS targets for optimal cell lifetime.

Interesting thread for me, keep up the good work & investigation.
Just a thought from me .... Would you not be best to put the max load on cells you can when testing capacity? ....
As surely this is more representative of its working environment.
Will likely show a weak cell easier?
Saves time too ? ☺
(4.1v max makes sense tho)

Thoughts from others?
(02-18-2019, 10:20 PM) Wrote: Just a thought from me .... Would you not be best to put the max load on cells you can when testing capacity? ....
As surely this is more representative of its working environment.
Will likely show a weak cell easier?
Saves time too ? ?
(4.1v max makes sense tho)

Thoughts from others?

Yes, higher load would be better and save time. The chinese lithium tester, I'm not so sure I even want to push it hard. If I had invested in better testing equipment, for sure, testing with higher load is beneficial.

In other news, I'm in the local paper!

I'm currently in the process of starting up my own company, aiming to be the first in Finland to offer 3rd party EV battery service/swap/upgrades. It's gonna be a wild ride!
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do you have a link to an online version of that article?

I found it

Damn Paywall.
(03-27-2019, 02:29 PM)jdeadman Wrote: do you have a link to an online version of that article?

I found it

Damn Paywall.
I went and added the garage to the Plugshare map, in-case someone is close to getting stranded in the middle of the Kvarken world-heritage archipelago Big Grin

It sure is an EV dead-zone out here Big Grin
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Very Nice
So, now that the weather is getting warmer, it is way more inviting to work on the car. First order of business, getting the undercoating tiptop.

This is what the stock rear wheel-well looks like

Not very protective at all, when you run on gravel roads, the noise is awful when it slings small pebbles straight on the metal inner arch. So, I de-greased it, brushed it, rinsed it, let it dry, and applied some rust coating with a brush. It also doubles as sound deadener!

One done, three more to go Big Grin

Oh, and for my repair company, I bought this essential tool, the 'EVs Enhanced HV Battery Paring Tool'

Now I can swap batteries properly between cars Smile Here is more info about their tool if anyone is interested
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Another Sunday, now both rear wheelwells are protected against the elements.
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Soo, the Leaf developed a leak... quite a big one too! Not so fun to see it drip from the side airbag Big Grin

Tore the interior apart to investigate, it leaks on the top part

Spread the rubber gasket with zipties, blowdried it

Applied lots of clear silicone, let's see if it holds. If not, the windscreen needs to be resealed. Fingers crossed for an easy fix Smile

Started working on the looks. The front of this car is really "froggy". Eyelids should help the look quite significantly. Started by removing the rear piece, not used for anything.

Wrapped the rear piece. Still need to wrap a slight amount on the upper headlight too, but let's see how the material hold up. It had a slight purple color, would have liked matt black more. Ohwell, I will iterate as I go

Then I focused my attention to something more fun. The horn! On all the Leafs, the horn is pathetic. It sounds like a toy car. Lets fix that!

Started by removing the front splash shield, peeking up on the horn assembly from under the car

Here is the stock Denso unit, compared to a 1991 Nissan NX horn setup. I really like 90s Nissans, so it felt like a perfect choice. The same horn setup is found in the S13 afaik!

Horns mounted. The horns ground via the mounting bolt, so had to fashion a wiring adapter. Note the one pin that's not needed anymore.

Here's a comparison
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