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Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)
It will be very nice if you can take cell voltage values from can bus and pass to muxsan can to show correct values on dashboard.
When charge the car, i hope that bms not giving any error, will be very interesting if you can how measure how many KW need the car from empty to full charge.
I wish you to succeed this awesome project
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I have been thinking about shedding some weight of the car. Preferably in places that you won't notice (unless reading it here). The fuse cover is beefy on the leaf, and weighs more than you'd think. You can see in this picture that the casting material is very thick, so I dremeled off half of it. Didn't bother with an after picture, it was quite messy...

Speaking about removing stuff, I decided to de-badge the LEAF emblem in the rear

Maybe I should remove the 'zero emission' badge aswell?

Here's another interesting thing, look at how the Ahr,SOH and HX(internal resistance) has changed over just a few days

The LBC is quickly sensing that the new battery is performing great!
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Do you need so many seats ?
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i' ve observe in your post that initial 24kwh battery VIN car (1N4AZ...) differ from 30kwh battery (230SM114...).
do you replace also VCM for your car ?
Something that has been bothering me is how the underside of the car looked. The front subframe had some damage that probably came from when it was shipped in a container and strapped down. Two sheetmetal holes on both sides were ripped, so I smacked the metal back into shape with a hammer, and painted over it with some paint so it wont rust prematurely.

Second annoying thing is the ripped splashshield. This is an important piece, both for aerodynamic reasons, but it also prevents dirt and slush from being slinged up into the engine bay, and back to the battery pack.

I fashioned a temporary fix made out of some leftover plastic, tied it togheter with zipties. I will try to source a proper replacement piece later on, preferably from a used car, since they charge $$$ for a new OEM one.

The zero emissions rear badge also went. Looks soo much cleaner!

Oh, and someone had a bit of a tumble in Norway last week. You know what this implies...

(07-12-2019, 11:39 AM)ilie Wrote: i' ve observe in your post that initial 24kwh battery VIN car (1N4AZ...) differ from 30kwh battery (230SM114...).
do you replace also VCM for your car ?

No, that is just something leafspy does. It cycles thru two sets of numbers, don't know what the second is.
Reduction gear oil change!

So something that most people don't know is that the Leaf actually has some oil in it, in the form of ATF inside the reduction gear case. Normally, this fluid is to be checked each 24k km, but never changed unless something abnormal is detected. Lifetime fluid so to speak. However, the ATF that Nissan uses is bottom of the barrel stuff. By replacing it with a high quality, low viscosity fluid that passes the 'Nissan Matic-S' certificate, there are slight efficiency gains possible by reducing the friction losses, especially in winter.

I went with the Redline D6, 2 Quarts needed (2x946ml)

After removing the skidplate, the reduction gear case is exposed. The plugs for fill and drain are 10mm insex. Start by checking that the fill plug can be removed! It is in the top right in this picture.

When they designed this, they made an economical decision to use aluminium crush washers. These are absolutely not reusable and I instead refitted the plugs with copper ones. I guess if you make tons of cars, saving 0.01€ on a plug gets worth it pretty fast! Here you can also see that the magnets picked up some gear material.

My average trip meter consumption is now sitting pretty at 7.6km/kWh, let's see if I can get it to 7.7 before summer is over Smile This modification will probably help most in freezing conditions though.
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I've been road-tripping and taking a proper vacation the last week. The Leaf is performing excellently! We've had a proper heatwave, the all black Leaf with black interior showed +34C as highest temp! Thankfully the AC is really proper in this car, otherwise it would have been unbearable Big Grin

A benefit of the warm weather is better battery performance. The Guess-O-Meter showed as high as 203km fully charged. Does the stock 24kWh Leaf even show that high? Big Grin

State of health has capped at 103.27%. It hasn't budget at all in a week. Maybe it doesn't go higher? Theoretically it should be at 125% with the 30kWh battery.
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You don’t use anymore CAn from muxsan if the Leaf learn new battery capacity. Very nice
(07-29-2019, 09:57 AM)ilie Wrote: You don’t use anymore CAn from muxsan if the Leaf learn new battery capacity. Very nice

Yes, totally possible to skip the CAN adapter, if you use voltage readouts from Leafspy. However, for a perfect install the CAN bridge is needed!

Found out that my first customer got the 17,5kWh of batteries he bought from me up'n'running. It's probably the first DIY grid-tied lithium battery installation in Finland!

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How much cost Can adapter from muxsan? If you find a solution how to mount please make a schema.
Very nice with solar powered with leaf battery, if you want to install I can help, i have also installed on my house with some Tesla battery ☀️
The sun is our best friend Wink
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