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Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)
Update on instrumentation situation. The CAN bridge is having issues keeping up with the 2013-2017 VCM. Sometimes it takes too long for messages to be modified, causing random turtle mode from the VCM. The older 2011-2012 VCM does not have so tight tolerances, so it works fine there. Muxsan is investigating.

In the meantime, I've thrown together a quick custom screen for Leafspy (don't mind the shoddy formatting Big Grin)

I really wish it would be possible to do mathematical operations on this screen! Right now this is just a lookup table, but it's better than driving blind!

(07-29-2019, 08:01 PM)ilie Wrote: How much cost Can adapter from muxsan?

Cost is not 100% confirmed yet, but it might be in the 20/30€ region.
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Last Sunday I had a close call. I decided to charge from a heavily worn 3-phase schuko outlet. This turned out to be a bad idea.

Here's the outlet, installed maybe in the 80/90s?

And here is the Duosida 16A cable after a few hours of charging. It was so hot that you could burn yourself on it! It smoked when I pulled it out!

Easy 3€ fix though, slapped on a new schuko plug on it. I will also replace the 3-phase outlet with a new fresh one!

I decided to treat myself, and also my company, and get a new tool! It's a Creality Ender 3, one of the "best" cheapest 3d-printers. Some assembly required...

After two hours, I got it set up and calibrated. I took some extra time to verify that all angles were really 90deg, and adjusted roller/belt tension meticulously.

It's really cheap, can be found for 200€! It has an 8bit CPU and not even a color LCD, so it even feels retro

Loaded it up with some red PLA (corn based biodegradable plastic), and started printing out a calibration cat. This will be a really helpful tool when developing car parts for the Leaf Smile
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Yup, I'd say it's time to replace that old receptacle. It's become a fire hazard. At least you caught it before major damage ensued.
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Hi Dala, where did you buy the printer?

(08-07-2019, 10:46 PM)RikH Wrote: Hi Dala, where did you buy the printer?

It was bought from a Finnish retailer called AN-cadsolutions

I am really satisfied with it, been printing almost nonstop since getting it Smile First things to print are upgrades for the printer itself, to get more stability, quality and less noise. I'd say the noise is the worst thing about this machine, but thankfully there are mods Big Grin
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So I've been having way too much fun with the 3d printer. Time to make something that is useful! As already explained in this thread, one of the best aeromods to do is a grill-blocker. This improves aero and reduces drag. I had previosuly made one out of some old plexi and zipties, but it's time to step it up!

As you can see, getting to a design that works will take some iterations. First I had to make hooks that would clip and easily unclip from the grille. That only took 8 tries Big Grin

Now for prototyping the plates. I decided to make it into 4 sections. To speed up development, I printed some pieces with a hole in the middle, to save time. To print a plate takes roughly 1½h. Since these are only prototypes, PLA is the sensible choice. For a final product, something more weather resistant like ABS would be a better choice. And maybe make them black too Big Grin

My business is chugging along well, lots of R&D is done and more is being done. My website is soon complete, and I took some professional photos for it. Here's a sneak peak of me and the machine Big Grin
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I'm learning more and more about 3d-printing. Here's half of the cable-chain-protector upgrade printed and assembled. PLA is so easy to print with!

So, since I thought I was ready for a final product, I switched to black PETG. PETG holds up better in outside environments compared to PLA, but is a bit trickier to print with. It requires higher temperatures to melt it, and is a bit more prone to stringing. I made the first plate in PETG, and it broke when I tried to mount it.

So I spoke to a friend who works with plastic component design, and he suggested higher temperatures and adding a round relief to make the part more bendable during installation. Here is the print, quickly printed at 0.2mm/layer. I also tried to add a faint logo, but I will have to work some more on that Big Grin

It worked! Now I can print all pieces in black PETG and get some miles on this mod Smile

My website should be up 1.9 (two weeks), and the delayed 40kWh battery will be picked up this week. There has been some progress on the CAN board, but since this is still prototype hardware that someone else designed, I won't post all the details on it until it's officially released.
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So, some stuff has happened today. The 40kWh from Norway arrived!

I actually used an internal combustion engine today. I would love to have a proper tow hitch on my EV, felt so unnecessary to use an ICE vehicle to get the battery home. Even though the gas only cost me ~12€ (80km) to get this to the garage, I always feel cheated knowing that money could have bought me electricity instead, and gotten me almost 1000km instead! It's insane how cheap EVs are to run!

Secured the battery

It's a 40kWh alright! (2018, 6k km)

This battery will make an early gen Leaf go almost 300km! More on this soon Smile
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Woo! Website is live!

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