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Dala's Leaf buildthread (2015 Nissan Leaf)
Last time I did my brakes I replaced the pin boots and applied liberal Silicone grease to them. 3 of them were dry and rusted. Also clearance the area on the caliper where the pads move and apply grease there too.
I am soon going on a work trip to Australia but it was postponed one week, so I'm trying to do a quick sideproject until then.

It hit me that I need a way to read the battery health and stats from batteries not currently in a car. There are very pricey solutions already on the market, but I think I can make one for a fraction of the price. Might also learn something.

This is the B24 connector from a 2017 Leaf Battery. This is a proprietary 'Yazaki' connector that is extremely hard, if not impossible to source.  I've removed this from the pack so I can more easily test and take measurements. 3d printing is the only sensible option here.

Here is the pinout for the connector

Now what we want is a way to connect the EV-CAN to an OBD2 port, and some way to power the whole thing with an external 12V battery. The battery only wakes up if +12V is applied to it. Will need to come up with some battery solution.

Here is the first 2013+ prototype printed.

Now just to wait for the glue to dry and solder an OBD2 port on the other end!
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this is awesome. Can you provide a wiring diagram to an OBD adapter? I could then use that plus a 12v battery to power up the BMS to read the statistics of the pack that is outside of a car.
I am sure this will work, since there is a 'BMS option' in Leafspy, here's a snippet from the help document

"For those using LeafSpy to monitor a standalone Leaf battery pack there is the BMS option which is located at the top of the list where 2010 would have been located. Selecting this option forces LeafSpy to read only data from the BMS (Battery Management System) and skips trying to read data from any other ECU. When BMS mode is selected the words "BMS Only" will flash bottom center as a reminder that only BMS data is being read."

(10-15-2019, 01:59 AM)lnxpro Wrote: this is awesome. Can you provide a wiring diagram to an OBD adapter? I could then use that plus a 12v battery to power up the BMS to read the statistics of the pack that is outside of a car.

Yes! I am going to experiment tonight if I have time, here is my guesstimate

B24:                      OBD2:       12V lead battery
  • 1 EV CAN-H  PIN 6
  • 2 EV CAN-L  PIN 14
  • 4 IGN ?        PIN 16      +12V
  • 5 BAT ?       PIN 16      +12V
  • 6 GND3       PIN 4&5     GND
  • 7 GND2       PIN 4&5     GND
  • 8 GND1       PIN 4&5     GND
I am a bit unsure how to power the thing, if I need BAT or IGN or maybe both?
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This might be helpful to you Dala, it's the turn-on sequence. For just reading pack status, you can just power both IGN and BAT statically I believe.

These are all for the 2011 Leaf though, as the info I was collecting was for my own 2011.
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The tire pressure warning system stayed on after I installed the winter tires. I ran the pairing procedure and that fixed it. But isn't the Leaf supposed to be able to keep two set of tires in memory?
[Image: nznWlr8.jpg]

I made some changes to the .STL file. I only have the necessary pins exposed, making for a simpler to use connector. It also prints faster.
[Image: 5ADO9zr.png]

I used the schematic posted by rev0, and put both IGN and BAT to +12V. I then connected everything else up to my 40kWh battery that is sitting in storage. I'm using an external 12V power supply to wake it up, and a Konnwei OBD2 bluetooth adapter to pass it on to the phone.
[Image: XIwWpCd.jpg]

And here is the result! It works b-e-a-utifully!
[Image: 8moKjuq.jpg]

In the above screenshot, you can see that I put Leafspy into 'BMS only' mode via the service screen. This allows it to read only the data from the BMS, and not trigger a multitude of errors due to missing modules and signals. The battery sits at a nice 56% SOC, perfect for storage until I come back from my trip to Australia. SOH is also at a cool 95,9%, and the mV diff is only 14mV. In other words, this battery is in perfect health!

Now to make this into a how to and release the .STL files!
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(10-15-2019, 01:59 AM)lnxpro Wrote: this is awesome. Can you provide a wiring diagram to an OBD adapter? I could then use that plus a 12v battery to power up the BMS to read the statistics of the pack that is outside of a car.

Github page is now live!

Also added the link to
[Image: bwcjafd.png]

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