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Subfolders for "tools of the trade" TOT
(11-08-2018, 08:23 PM)mike Wrote: It doesn't make sense to create separate sections for such unique topics like opus mods. How many opus mods are there? 2 or 3? Chances are if you want to mod your opus, you know what you're doing to it, such as installing a new fan. In that case, you can use the search tool and search for "Opus Fan" and click "search entire post".

What happens is you end up with a never-ending list of specific topics people want to create as separate sections. Where does it stop? 10 subforums? 500 subforums? The general rule of thumb is a new forum is needed if a forum contains an unbalanced amount of threads or pages of the same type thread. If you look in the "Cell Harvesting & Testing" forum, there is 25 threads and the last thread on the page is over a week old (October 31st). It does not make sense to break this section down further into subforums such as "Opus Mod".

If you're having trouble searching, I'd be happy to help with that. Of course, searching depends on people entering proper titles such as "Opus Fan Replacement" rather than "haz br0ken fan". I try to fix such titles when I find them.

Mike, before i answer, i want to say that i have the utmost possible respect for the Board as it is, for all your efforts and that of the Mods. Always kind, always polite, always helpfull when somebody ask the most simple questions which could have been answered by looking into the FAQ, and deeply knowledgeable on all kinds of difficult problems which may come up. You trust the users in giving them unlimited editing rights, and i use that often to correct typos or write longer post in parts.
I do not know so many boards, but for what i know you have created the absolut best, comfortable and helpful board here i have ever seen.
Special thanks to you for all that.

I understand that the TOT folder idea can go in the wrong direction, when the users do not understand the idea. But i have just proposed this  as a kind, because i have no better idea.

I may not be the best in searching, you are most probably right. I have the small excuse that english is not my born language, and on special techical items i am often unsure about proper wording.

(11-08-2018, 08:26 PM)mike Wrote: Also, please note on the search form, the options "Show Results as threads or posts" can significantly help return better results. For example, if you search for "Opus Fan" now and have it set on threads, you'll get three results back that look somewhat unrelated, such as "Red Sanyo 18650 Cells Getting Hot While Charging". If you were to click "show results as posts", you'll get back the same thread with a link to and preview of the exact post in the thread that references the search term.

This really just sounds like learning to use the search tool better...
Mike, i promise to try searching when i have something in mind.
I am sneaking around very often anyway, the board is a valuable repository on the them, so much to learn for me.

I remember i have read a post about advanced searching at the times the internet was still an upcoming baby. 
Somebody described "advanced searching" as the following:
NASA hat a problem with one of their early satelites going far out. The realized they had a software error on board. The searched for an enginer (Student) knowledgeable of that old programming language, found out where he was, directed him to go to a place where appropriated equipment to program was available, send the program code and the error desription and the desired result, and got back the corrected program. all in 1 hour, which was all thy had left before loosing the satelite.
And they got it.
I have never found out if it was only a story or if it happened that way, but one thing is for sure, i was never that good. Big Grin

I am sorry to have wasted yout time.
1 kWp in Test
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Electronics ? No clue. Am machinery engineer.
It would help if the FAQ section was a title on the forum's home page.
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
(11-09-2018, 10:51 PM)Redpacket Wrote: It would help if the FAQ section was a title on the forum's home page.

Thumbs up for mods and mike. Looks goooood.
1 kWp in Test
4 kWh battery target - plus Mobile Home battery
Ultra low cost
Electronics ? No clue. Am machinery engineer.

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