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Asic - newbie
There is some way to mine with asic (not bitcoin)

and btw there is a how to for beginners / someone that help to introduce me in mining?
YouTube for the win bud, start watching and then stop when you realise you can't break even at the moment
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i know that s no break eventuali point Atm, thanks, ill look into YouTube
You need to be careful with ASIC miners as they can change the algorithm on some cryptos and then your ASIC machine is a paper weight.
They already killed off GPU mining of Sia so i dont mine that any more, just Etherium and Monero for me at the moment - Prob not the best time to start as the prices have been dropping and dropping over the last few months.
one of the general asic rules - they become non-profitable after ~-4-6 month usage, keep it in mind while doing your business plan Wink
voskcoin youtube channel bud
Creator, builder, modifier, find me on youtube,
New automotive channel>>  Smile

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