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A totally new concept in electricity Storage
"The energy storage industry is all about incremental improvements, so it’s rare to see a product come to market that does something radically different.
That happened last week when the stealthy Swiss/Southern Californian startup Energy Vault went public with an unusually creative grid storage concept. It devised a six-armed crane that stacks concrete blocks with cheap and abundant grid power, and drops them down to retrieve electricity when needed.
The company pitches this as a durable, trustworthy solution for the thorny problem of storing electricity for long periods of time.
The lithium-ion batteries that account for almost all of new grid storage deployments make economic sense for 4-hour duration, even 6-hour, but they get too expensive for super-long durations. Meanwhile, longer-term storage is getting more valuable as cheap but intermittent wind and solar power continue their rise on the grid......"

Is this possible  to do on a small scale ?  what sort of mass would be needed to get some reasonable storage ??

mgh ........... 1 tonne raised 10 meters ........... stores ,  1000 x 10 x 9.8 = 100 KJ  

One 18650 stores 10 W Hrs = 36 KJ 

Might just be a sensible idea if your land already had a mine shaft , or deep well .
100 KJ is 27.777777777778 WattHours or 0.027 KWh, this means 36 tonnes raised 10 meters for 1 KWh ????

How much power do You think it takes to lift 36 tonnes? I am pretty sure that You will burn a lot more than 0.1 litres of diesel fuel to do the work.

LiIon cells have a much better "payback" ratio.

100 LiIon cells weigh in at a mere 5 Kgs and can store the same amount of energy.

Sorry Mate, I think they fooled You. Smile
I think the idea is to use solar powered motors to lift the weights during the day then at night drop them via geared alternators. Same as pumped hydro. Pretty cool idea actually.
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I saw sothing similar some time ago. 
What if you had a hopper, huge hopper, that held ball bearings. Then BB's would drop and land on a paddle wheel causing it to spin. Having either many small wheels or one large wheel is dependent on fast the startup needs to be, space available, expandability, and size of the BB's.
The paddle wheel(s) would then turn at a high speed which would then turn a larger generator
The BB's would be fed into the hopper by way of a Archimedes screw thereby minimizing the required energy/torq to lift them. Speed of reload would be dependent on available excess power and whether an electric motor or wind turbine driven (geared/belted, not powered) was used.

I've had this type of idea for awhile since I've seen several Incredible Machines that use the BB's to run the machine.
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There's this too:
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Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
And this one is nice
18x 300Wp solar off grid and 10x 180Wp solar tracker grid-tie
10KW 3phase hybrid inverter. 40Kwh 18650 storage (for now)
My setup:
(11-18-2018, 07:15 PM)wim Wrote: And this one is nice

Remember when Porsche were going to use a flywheel as a hybrid energy store for their cars? Or basement maglev flywheels were all the rage in Popular Mech, ETI what not.. died with the mighty 18650!
When power is really cheap the unit will convert into a space elevator after stacking up 36,000km of blocks...
This is already being done with hydro in reservoirs in some places...

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