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AJW22's modular 3d printed 50kWh PowerShelf
BMS Python Code implementation update:

AJW22!  It is going well.  I am not complete in implementation, but it is taking awhile so I figured I owed you an update.

I am now testing your code on my 3 china BMS's.  I collected from one for awhile playing with the Influxdb/Grafana component.

There seems to be some instability in the Bluetooth (I don't quite know where it is coming from {rpi, linux, bluetooth comms, influxdb...}).

How do you run your python code?  from IDE, from command line, daemon...

Do you have a restart script to monitor the main code?

I am not asking for code, just wondering.  I have been looking for a script restart after failure solution.
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Bob - has trouble wiring a 3-way switch Blush
Thanks for the update! Would like a copy when you have a clean and stable program.

I've initially had stability issues with the Bluetooth communication, hence all the extra restarts/delay/retry code. I've traced the problem (99% sure) to the RaspberryPi3 onboard bluetooth hardware or driver. There are some theories floating around about BT+Wifi shared I/O pin causing problems, but I've bypassed the problem by using an external USB-Bluetooth dongle (onboard BT disabled) and that's pretty stable. Still requires a hard reset every couple of months - not sure what's causing that.

My code right now runs from the console, manual start. Planning to one day rewrite it as a daemon with automatic re-start.
I've added a near real-time output to /dev/shm/bms.txt , for reading by other scripts that can't wait 5 mins for the new data.
One of which now controls a well pump (via a Wifi SmartPlug) to fill my pond, and it's working beautifully!
Modular PowerShelf using 3D printed packs.  50kWh and growing.
No problem with sharing code.

I am having some stability issues also (using the builit-in bluetooth) A good many 'Retries to connect'. It may be a signal strength issue with the BLE transceivers. I am adjusting them to see if this is the issue.

After I solve the stability issues (external dongle, perhaps), I will see about how to proceed. On my windows Desktop I had created a service from a python script to record wi-fi signals from a Brultech electric panel monitor. It was quite stable.

Bob - has trouble wiring a 3-way switch Blush

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