Poll: What inverter is best to use
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Singel hybride inverter
3 15.79%
Multiple hybride inverters
6 31.58%
Single inverter
3 15.79%
Multiple inverters
7 36.84%
Total 19 vote(s) 100%
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Aim high, 100 KWh powerwall
I would go 3.1 instead of 3.4. its for emergency and in best case that saves you from shut down. At 3.4 you should just disable loads bad not disconnect the battery
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I have mine set to cease inverting if any cell hits 3.6v (top is 4v)
The AC shunt will disconnect if any cell hits 3.5v
The DC shunt will disconnect the pack entirely (other than from the BMS) if any cell hits 3.4v

There's no absolutely correct answer to the question, but 3.6 is usually around the knee part of the discharge curve.
I am currently on 20 KWh and reduced the top voltage to 57V a programmable BMS is underway so I can set max cell voltage on 4.05V and minimum on 3.6V. As told earlier I am building big because I can. I do not pay for my batteries. And the next 4 KWh will be installed before the end of the year. I am now starting more urgently looking for inverters as I want to start with connecting to the grid, as soon as I have 30 KWh or more, As I have 3 Phase coming into my house I wanted to start with just one where all the low users and regular users are on. And later put inverters for the other Phases.
Using 7S80P pack. Building 14S40P packs.
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