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Wobbleszo Powerwall
I have NCR18650 Envy
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Second Life Storage Cell Finder
Lithium Power Australia
Paolo Italy
Battery Hookup USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
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Tim De Groot NL
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Just a quick update,

I got 1700 more cells (NCR18650BD) from a recycler and all the wrappers are damaged. I reached out to Keith and got 1700 more wrappers and 170 more cell holders to add them into my design. I am going to follow Mike's approach with the 300p packs...particularly after Pete's last livestream (wishing he'd gone with larger packs). I got solid 4AWG to use for busbars and have nearly finished processing the all the cells I have. After I rewrap the 1700 new ones, I will start construction one the upgraded packs.
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My build is updated regularly on my site:
(01-23-2019, 08:25 PM)Wobbleszo Wrote: Small update on progress of processing cells: 1680 milestone for 14s, 120p! I still have ~420 cells to process, but only 280 to make it closer to the build phase. I've determined that I'll use the same Blue Sea Systems Class T Fuse like Mike did, but I think I am going to go with the 300A one instead of the 250A one. I was looking at the amperage range and the max with a 1.25 safety buffer was ~288A (3.1V x 14 = 43.4V and 10000W/43.4V = 288.02A) please correct me if I'm wrong here! 

Still need to decide on what to use for busbars, but leaning toward 3 strands of 4AWG grounding wire twisted and crimped, but then I need to figure out what size of crimp end to use to fit both ends into (6 strands of 4AWG). More maths! I appreciate the support of this community and my friends and family through this long process! 

at 1640 

at 1680 
Not sure what you were trying to post here, AjaykumarMore. Happy to help if I can...

My build is updated regularly on my site:
Updated on my site too, but I figured I might as well post here too...nearly 4 months later, I am still waiting on my cell order from a shipper that apparently sent the order to my road, but got the house number wrong and the order was returned to Georgia. He's offered 200 cells to be added over a month ago as part of an apology, but I'd really just like the cells I ordered. They all have damaged wrappers, but should be like new otherwise. I bought 1700 wrappers from Keith and cell holders too, but I am just waiting to assembler my battery. I don't want to build with what I have and then turn around and have to do it all over again if/when these cells arrive. I am starting to get really frustrated at having to wait so long! I thought by now I'd be taking full advantage of the bright summer sun, but I feel like it'll be winter before I get a chance to assemble it all. I wish that I'd have just contacted Tom Amerman or Terry Nagy least they ship at a reasonable pace. The difficult part was the price for these cells. NCR18650BDs at 3200 mAh each for less than $1 each due to the damaged wrappers. Falls under the age old adage of "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." He shipped the previous orders a little slowly, but not 4 months after the order.

#feelingimpatient #feelinghopeless

Hope that the rest of you are having better Pete with his mad processing lately!

My build is updated regularly on my site:
(12-03-2018, 05:49 PM)Wobbleszo Wrote: Hello Second Life Storage, 

I wanted to post my project here. The current state is a WIP and to simplify things I have simply been posting updates to my Google site ( I don't have any ads or anything to make revenue (mostly just share my progress with family and friends). 

To Do List: 

  1. Build new 14s, 200p 300p pack from the 3200mAh cells Panasonic NCR 18650BD (using fuse wire this time)
  2. Mount remaining solar panels for better charging (8x 150W Mighty Max and 28x Renogy 100W panels)...they are all on the roof and wired, but need actual mounting
  3. Keep re-wrapping cells and breaking down packs, 1700 more added that need to be rewrapped
  4. Reinstall disconnects
  5. Upgrade Sunkko 709AD+ spot welder pen to one like Mike N or Average Joe did (very nice!)
  6. disassemble ~65 x 36V hover board packs 20 cells each (10s, 2p)
  7. disassemble 14s, 60p battery
  8. construct second 14s, 200p pack from mixed cells
High level information: 
  • 2x MakeSkyBlue 60A Charge controllers 
  • 1x Aims 10kW pure sine wave inverter
  • 6,000+ cells (~4000+ Panasonic NCR 18650BD)
  • 8 gauge cable used for panel to charge controller
  • 4/0 used to connect battery to Inverter
  • 1x batrium BMS v4 kit used with 14 Longmons
  • 6 gauge solid wire to be used for the busbars

I'm sure I am forgetting something, but that is why there's an edit button! 

Edited 04.28.2019 for update of details and progress (plus added one photo).

Excellent!!! I see that you have spent a lot of time and effort, such effort inspires love !!! I greet you from Colombia dear friend

PS: Your personal site is great Wink
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