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Verified Account Badge
You may have noticed a few users recently with a badge on their profile that says "Verified Account" (example). We began assigning this badge to users who represent Youtube channels, businesses, or other public figures. This badge indicates that we have completed verification and you can trust the person represents the channel or business they claim to.

Badge Information & Requirements:
* Youtube channels must have a minimum of 25,000 subscribers.
* Username must be some variation of the entity you are representing so that it's obvious to people reading through. Good examples include "Batrium" and "BatriumJaron".
* Businesses must be related to the contents of the forum - batteries, cells, solar panels, inverters, etc.
* For businesses or public figures, verification will include correspondence with a domain-specific email address.
* For Youtube channels, we will ask that you respond to a comment with your public channel profile.
* Admins reserve the right to decide who will/will not receive the badge.

If you wish to have the badge set on your account, please contact one of the admins for verification and/or any username changes.
Mike, Peter

Please remember, that while we are vetting these users as "trusted" in our community, the forum staff are NOT responsible for resolving disputes and/or liable for problems you may encounter with a business, channel, or public figure.
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