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18650 TEST BED
Hello everyone,

I'm new to this but started my project last month.
I'm an electronic technician who actually likes electronics and I do stuff for a hobby.

I built a battery tester that is PICAXE controlled (its a bit rough but I'm not selling it to anyone); it charges, capacity tests and then recharges automatically.
It takes about 8 hours to fully test eight batteries so I load in the morning and reload after work.
The tester works great.
The only thing is I have to manually check if the batteries are heating up.
I may put in a sensor but it doesn't happen too often and I can normally tell if a battery is getting hot pretty quickly.
I work from home anyway.

I don't intend to build a powerwall but will use the batteries to build 36V batteries for a golf cart upgrade.
At the moment I am just researching BMS designs.
Eventually I think I will need 4 x 30AH batteries (about 600 cells). My plan is to just replace the existing lead acid batteries with the cell packs.
This means the existing lead acid charger will be reused so I will need to design a charger interface to simulate the lithium cell requirements.
Anyway thanks for your forum it has been a fantastic resource.

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