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Processed Submissions and Updates
Brand: Panasonic
Model: NCR 18650BD
Capacity: 3100 mAh
Description:  Grey Wrapper, White Ring, 3 tab positive
18650 Form Factor

Note: Added, thank you!
So just rescued 6 of these from a Rayovac laptop battery. Model number shows to be 240 and I only saw the 220 version in the database (which has a different color insulation ring). Haven't done any discharge tests on em yet but the pack read 10.8V with 5000mAh and 54Wh. So guessing they're about 2500mAh if that's accurate (prob 2400 based on the model number). Also tried checking online for a data sheet but no luck. I'm not the best at finding those though honestly.

Brand: YLE (YikLik?) 
Model: ICR18650A240
Cell Color: Orange 
Insulator Ring Color: White 


Note: Added, thank you!
Not sure if the database has a typo or if this is actually a different type of LG cell. Database shows DB11865. The ones I've found are same teal color but have an extra B in there.

Brand: LG
Model: DBB11865
Color: Teal
Ring: White

Note: Added, thank you!

Couldn't find this Sony cell in the DB. Its a Sony Energytec I suppose, not sure if that's significant or not. Shows a similar model number to others from Sony but different model number and wrapper.

Brand: Sony Energytec 
Model: US17670GR
Color: Green
Ring: White? 

Note: Pictures added to existing entry. Couldn't locate cell specs though. Thanks!
LG cell out of an HP pack of 8 cells with a similar model number as other LGs in the DB. Saw some similar model numbers but with totally different colors.

From what I've found online from some flashlight seller, these are only 2200mah.

Brand: LG 
Model: LGES218650
Color: Peach
Ring: White
mAh: 2200?

Note: Added, thank you!
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2450mAh Rated
3.60V Nominal
4.20V Maximum
490mA Standard
1715mA Maximum
3.00V Cutoff
490mA Standard
4900mA Maximum
Red Cell Wrapper
White Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor

Note: Added, thank you! Also, not a Sanyo just FYI.
I keep finding LG cells with model numbers that are very similar to ones in the database but with like one digit or letter off.

I think this one (DBD1)  is actually the same ratings as the ABD1 based on the specs on the pack (11.1V & 97Wh (3S3P))

Brand: LG
Model: DBD11865
Color: Pink
Ring: White

Note: Added, thank you!
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ICR18650-22P M
3.62 Nominal

4.20 Max
1075mA Standard
2150mA Max

Cutoff voltage

Product datasheet

Note: Added, thank you!
So this is a head scratcher but I just opened a Dell pack and was greeted with these paper covered cells with absolutely no markings whatsoever. Even unwrapped the paper thinking maybe they just covered the markings or heat shrink up but no dice. Just the metal outer housing underneath.

I'm guessing they're cheap Chinese cells (which is weird considering they came from a very well know laptop brand). And I'm not sure if these will actually help anyone or even belong in the database cause of it. But they apparently are 1800mAh based on the pack specs. No idea on brand or model though.

Note: Thanks, but we need to be able to identify brand and model number so we can create a listing.
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I see the Sanyo UR18650EA is not present in the DB yet.
Voltage, charge max.    4.20
Voltage, nominal    3.60
Capacity, max.    2350.00 mAh

Other info: Source

Note: Added, thank you!
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Can not find any info on this one online

Unknown; LB-CY/A3 2000mAh LIBO HQE09

Note: We need a picture of the positive end straight down from the top so we can create an entry. Please see this post for an example.

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