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Processed Submissions and Updates
Blue insert
Have 5 of this cell and will test tomorrow

Samsung 30A says there was no photos

Note: Added the Samsung photos, thanks! I'm not sure that's a UR18650A cell?
Panasonic NCR18650PF
(Successor of the NCR18650PD)
  • Lite green heat shrink tubing
  • white insulation ring
  • black markings and warning text
  • positive and negative side marked as well

I just realized that somebody was a bit quicker than me Sad

Note: Please take some of your own pictures. We can't add pictures that were downloaded from somewhere else on the internet.

Attached Files
.pdf   Panasonic NCR-18650PF.pdf (Size: 1,006.06 KB / Downloads: 73)

I snagged these from a RAV Power replacement laptop battery. They appear to be 2200mah, but I don't see it on the datasheet. They are light blue, white tipped.

Note: Can you please clean off the glue and take some new pictures? We need two pictures, like the examples here, to create a new entry. Thanks!
Looks like a new submission, can't find it in the existing DB:

Brand: Hitachi Maxell
Model: INR18650PB1
Capacity: 1450mAh Rated
Voltage: 3.7V Nominal

4.20V Maximum
--- mA Standard
2000 mA Maximum

2.5V Cutoff
--- mA Standard
15000 mA Maximum

Grey Cell Wrapper
Black Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor


Cell specifications can be found on page 8 of the attached PDF.

Note: Added, thank you!
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Attached Files
.pdf   INR18650PB1.pdf (Size: 1.2 MB / Downloads: 91)
Found this cell today and here is some info I found on the original pack 
UNI-SUN™ Li-ion, 11.10V, 4800mA 6-Cell Laptop Battery f??r Acer TravelMate

Note: Added, thank you!
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New cell type, maybe China I don’t know says 1800mAh on it

Note: Added, thank you!
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Teal Cell from generic no name laptop battery:

FST seems to be the brand.

Orange Wrapper purple ring. 
from a a Dell laptop battery - 4 cells per battery.

Very faint markings on the cell itself (couldnt get the camera to pick it up!)
markings are SD8T4A9 on all the cells, and BSD8H3 printed onto the -ve base.

Note that the +ve end also seems to have a manufactured hole dead center!

Note: Need better pictures that aren't glowing please...
lgabc11865 J067C086A3 Any information on MAH would be appreciated.
Testing all over the place from 400 mah up to 2000 mah. From Dell Latitude laptop batteries.

Note: Added, thank you!
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Dyson INR-20700A 0842GB2107

Just pulled out 6 of these from Dyson battery pack. They all show 4.7v. I think my multimeter is busted.

Photos attached

Note: Added, thank you! Interesting note, these are actually rewrapped Moli Energy cells.
Brand: Moli Energy
Model: IMR-18650E
Description: White-Grey Cell Wrapper
Black Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor

Note: Added, thank you!

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