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Processed Submissions and Updates
(12-26-2018, 10:41 PM)BigWillTX Wrote: From a dell laptop battery type W1193

Rated capacity    Min. 2700mAh
Capacity   Min. 2750mAh
Typ. 2900mAh
Nominal voltage  3.6V
Charging  CC-CV, Std. 1375mA, 4.20V, 4.0 hrs
Weight (max.) 48.0 g
   Charge*:  0 to +45C
-20 to +60C
-20 to +50C

Note: Added, thank you!
 samsung INR18650-30Q 

capacitie: 3000 mAh
Nominal voltage 3.6 
max cont discharge current: 15A 


Note: We can't use Internet pictures, but info was updated. Thanks!
LGDBMH11865 Light Blue, White ring (from e-bike).

Battery Name: LG
Battery Type: 18650 MH1
Battery Specifications: about 18 * 65 (MM)
Battery Voltage: 3.6V
Battery capacity: 3200mAh
Battery Weight: about 44g


Note: Already had info, but thank you!
Sony US18650VC7

Nominal cap: 3500 mAh Rated 3400 mAh

Green, black ring

Data file found but upload not accepted .pdf.


Note: Please provide link to datasheet


Capacity:3350mAh Rated

Voltage:3.7V Nominal
--V Maximum

Charging:--A Standard
--A Maximum

Discharging:--V Cutoff
--mA Standard
--mA Maximum

Description:18650 Form Factor

Note: We need pictures to create a database entry...
Samsung INR18650-33G

The cell is quite sensitive on the negative pole. If you pull to hard to remove the nickel strips, a type of cap pops of. Could this be something like explosion protection?

Note: Added, thank you!
Found a cell not in the database:


I'll try to get better pictures of them.

Moreover, the Highstar ISR18650-1300 already in the database has changed the style to a different one like this:

Note: We need better pictures of a cell that is not physically damaged. Please and thank you.
Cells tested: 4087
Average capacity: 2082 mAh
Left to process: 165 kg
LG18650M26 is the LG medium power cell with capacity of 2600mAh and 10A continue discharge current, a very popular economic cell used in power tools, energy storage, home appliance, and medical device


Note: Please take your own pictures. We cannot use pictures from the internet.!
Samsung ICR18650-24B

Best I can find for specs.


Note: Added, thank you!
For Info Google Drive

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 [Image: em2566%20(1)__19172.1521541365.jpg?c=2]

Not your average Wolf       
Got these Eve Batteries inside of some scooter battery.

I just thought you can add in the Cell Database.

here is the Datasheet

Note: Added, thank you!

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