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[SELLING] LTO cells for sale, new old stock not used
is anyone interested in these cells? i have 300+ cells on my hand in UK already ,have full spec and also have BMS system for system up to 48V fully controlled...
because its already in UK ,for EU members dont need pay any custom tax
on testing these cells show 12AH+@5A discharge
30% off from aliexpress price, so good deal ,no long delivery,no custom tax,fast delivery

price is : 10gbp per cell or 8gbp per cell if take all

reference here:

here can buy :crimp-barrel-foil-connectors:

BMS can get here:
This could be my route in. Have to do some quick designing though and only worth while in the new year, money not available for personal presents this side of Christmas, kids first... wou
D be looking to secure the bms, connectors and cells. But right now it is unclear how many I would need. How much would the lot cost and I will guesstimate back from their?..
Also what the depletion, depreciation like on these cells over time.? May need to research this also to get an idea of longevity....
Looking forward to your comments..
Kind regards,
150 pcs still available  in UK. can help with info how to make packs and where to get everything for powerwall or EV project
Your stock might interest me but could you please take a picture of the cell's label?

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