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Tim's basement (filled) with powerrack(s)?
(12-20-2018, 04:50 PM)Sean Wrote: This is combined with an intention to bill based more on connection to the grid (as a service charge) rather than billing based on consumption (/kWh)

[Citation needed] or at least an explanation.

I can see good cause for time of use tariffs as the evening peak could get out of hand as electric vehicles increase. The only reason I see to increase standing / service charges would be if consumption fell so low due to self generation that not enough revenue was made on the kWh charging to cover the grid costs. Given the small size of domestic solar arrays in the UK I think there shall be a healthy consumption revenue for a while to come.

"Ofgem’s proposed charging reforms will ensure these charges for the grid are shared fairly between all consumers. In a consultation, the regulator has set out its preference to introduce fixed residual charges for all households and businesses rather than charges based on the amount of electricity they take from the grid under the current charging system. They would be broadly similar to fixed telephone line rental arrangements.

Under these proposals, many homes and businesses will save money, although some, including those that generate electricity at home or on-site, could pay more. Ofgem is asking for views on whether the changes should be implemented in 2021, or phased in between 2021 and 2023."

The Targeted Charging Review documentation is here, if you want a good read.
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Second video is online.

I bought the 2 metal racks so i have storage in my basement and started moddifying the powerrack. In the next video will be an update on the finishing of the rack and more info over the rack. And maybe some dismantling of the ebike battery

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Quote:TimBelgium Wrote:
Here in Belgium we need to pay taxes if we have gridconnected solar pannels. And those taxes are around 70% of what you save in electricity. In a few years they change our meter to a 'smart' meter and then you sell your electricity for almost free and pay the full stuff when you take it back. During night and weekends our electricity is cheeper then during piek hours (day hours).

At least they are honest about it. The utility companies does not like Your PV panels, because You then buy less power from them. Therefore they persuaded the Politicians to punish You.

Best of luck with Your build Smile

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I wouldn't count on smart meters being available in 6 months, everything around it seems to be a big mess.  With Tommelein (Minister of energy) leaving to become major of Ostend and the change of government/elections coming up I would guestimate it will take longer....

Also the reasoning behind the taxes is sound, in winter you will use the grid (since Belgium weather is rather greyish during winter), during summer you inject your excess power. So your yearly bill could be 0, although you did use the grid. However I do agree that only taking into account the power (kw)  of the inverter to base the tax on is stupid  Dodgy
They get you with the connection fee. 0.40€A day in Australia. Feed in is 0.06€/kWh. All the smart meters are wifi linked. You pay to run it.
So. My second video is getting closer to 100 views. Onces that happend. I will make the 3rd video and upload it. Hope that will be before the end of this month.
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Don't let the view count be your only determining factor. Sometimes it takes time for the youtube algo's to propagate. Also, the more videos you have, the more you'll be recommended, as well.
And, make sure you add plenty of keywords to the videos so they are easier found during searches.
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How is it going with your build?
Slower then what i want. Hopefully soon a new video.
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