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Tim's basement (filled) with powerrack(s)?
Agreed on the views; if you keep posting good content, the view count will take care of itself!
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Solar panels are orderd. More info available soon!
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The solar panels are installed. This week the rest of the new roof will be finished. After that i hopefully find time to make and edid the videos for youtube.
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Hi neighbor,
In holland we got almost the same...its not possible to get disconnected from the grid, dont even think about: not to pay there bills.
Here our "smart meters" will count up what you feed back into the grid, and they give you 9 cents a kwh back.
But when you must buy you pay 23 cents, more then 2 battery's are not allowed anymore.
Its under a law that holds explosions/pyrotech/gunpowder/ammo ect for civilians?!?!?!? ( wet civiel explosief gebruik)
When are most people at work? when are most people coming home?
Our roberment is also thinking about his own wallet, ect ect.
Play stupid with them and dont connect anything to the grid but cut off 50%-75% of your expenses.
When your powerwall is empty then use the grid, powerwall full switch back.
I believe its called a "first choice" switch(nl: voorkeurs schakelaar)
Its basically just a 16amp relay, that switches to the grid automatically, when your converter gives no more power, but you have to set it manually back to your bank.

How about your project? looking good so far, best
So far good. Still working on renovating the roof. I think next week it will be finished. After that i can work on isolating the shed and lay an underground tube for all the cables to the house. Then it is soldering all the batteries and i guess it will be up and running in september or oktober.
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Take youre time with it.
I thought 4 months ago when i started i had pv panels on the roof by now....

Thanks for your video's
Next vid is up!

You might have seen it already. But here is part 4 if you missed it!


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