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Bullet list feature
I recently posted a reply in this thread where I used a bulleted list.

The post came out fine when viewed on my PC (Win 10 + Firefox), but when I view it on my iPhone it doesn't display the list  Huh

The code I inserted in the post:

[*]The tension was reduced to a more acceptable level.  

[*]The design was simplified since only a small clearance was required under the main body to accommodate the lower hook.  

[*]The core of the spring opened up just enough to accommodate a M3 thread, giving a larger bearing surface for the pivot, since a screw thread is far from an ideal bearing surface anyway, especially in plastic.

Screenshots of the result:


Just wondering if this is an issue with my iPhone, the site or something else ?
The mobile theme was hiding lists when being viewed on a small screen. I guess that was to save space? But it seems like poor design to me to just remove bits of information and leave the rest of the post. I fixed it, but you'll probably have to clear your phone browser's cache to see the change since it was a css file edit.

Thanks for reporting this issue.
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Thanks Mike, its working now.

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