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create stable voltage
so I just finished browsing EVpower.
I found the premade 12 V monolithic cells for 330€ incl Vat. I really like the idea of using two of them in parallel for my battery I would get 120 Ah at 12 V which is a bit less energy than I wanted in the first place but I assume that I can upgrade (add a 3rd in parallel) at any time. 2 would give me 1440 Wh and an optimal discharge current od 60 amps and I will probably never draw more at the same time.
if there is a lot of wind and need the bilge pump I do not need the motor and vice versa. The other stuff is below 10 amps total.

My concern is that there is no BMS inside those pics so I am a bit worried about the longevity
The premade ones aren't really suitable for your needs. I know that they say these suitable for all applications and while that is technically true it probably isn't the best idea of all times. These are generally meant to replace 12V lead acid batteries in cars. The cells are closely matched (whatever that means, you never know what their definition is exactly) but there is no way to check individual cell voltage and if they start drifting you can't do anything about it. In a car though they usually aren't cycled and also charged to max 14.4V, in real life probably more like 14.2V or 14V so cell drift doesn't become an issue.

In your case they will be cycled heavily and that basically means you have to have the possibility to access individual cells.
sorry for my long break but I now have managed to draw a schematic.
I hope everything is correct and understandable. my idea was to switch everything with relays in the battery box and only have power available at the control panel or other outputs if they are switched on
I will go with the 200Ah 4s kit. from EV-power with smart bms. I will also use the battery in my camping van if not used in the kayak.

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