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[SELLING] Tested 18650 cells, in boxes of 100/200/300/400/500 cells
Hello guys,

Our store is back online with tested 18650 cells. We test over 3000 cells a day now! We even can wrap our cells if we cant remove the glue we will re wrap our cells. 

Check out our store:

Boxes with 100/200/300/400/500 cells each al for the same shipping, check price of shipping add our ebay advertisement, brand mostly: Samsung, Sanyo, LG, Panasonic

1-499 mah  € 7,99 / box
500-999 mah  € 13,99 / box
1000-1199 mAh    € 19,99 / box
1200-1399 mAh    € 27,99 / box
1400-1599 mAh    € 34,99 / box
1600-1799 mAh    € 44,99 / box
1800-1999 mAh    € 54,99 / box
2000-2199 mAh    € 74,99 / box
2200-2399 mAh    € 84,99 / box
2400-2599 mAh    € 94,99 / box
2600-2799 mAh    € 109,99/ box
2800-2999 mAh    € 124,99 / box
3000-3199 mAh    € 134,99 / box
3200-3399 mah    € 144,99 / box

All tested!! Ship in Europe

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Put some photos up buddy helps people like to see cells Tongue

Also I can't see the cells (so others won't be able too due to location :Sad
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Lithium Power Australia
Paolo Italy
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BigBattery USA (10% coupon 'Powerwalls')
Tim De Groot NL
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Pro-LOX Netherlands
Hi all new to the site, just to say i have bought several boxes off degroots site all good so far.
Nice store, great shorting, although I don't think cells under 1000mAh are of any use to anyone.
Biggest problem though, is that €50 shipping for anywhere is Europe seems a bit expensive.
Shipping new cells from nkon to Greece costs under €10 for 100pcs.
problem is where do you live, i've done some simulation, atm shipping is expensive
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 3400 cells growing
The supplier is pretty closeby to my hometown, like 30mins drive. I'm thinking of buying cells of them also.
Can someone say something about the source of cells?
are there generic/ off-brand cells mixed in?
can you ask for a specific brand to be sent?
how many cells out of your buy have been found to self-discharge?

not able to contact them for more than a week, lets hope they are just busy testing/shipping cells.
no reply in 2 weeks after i paid .
(04-23-2019, 04:58 PM)blackarmor Wrote: no reply in 2 weeks after i paid .

Hey BlackArmor could you provide us a pm with your account? We had some stock probs here so we are behind with delivery of some cells, our stock program had a bug. 


(04-23-2019, 04:58 PM)blackarmor Wrote: no reply in 2 weeks after i paid .

05122001287820 DPD tracking
that you have inventory problems i can understand ( that it takes two weeks to figure that out a little less ) but you may consider giving the money back if you cant deliver the goods and you cancel the transaction on ebay .

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