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Solar Controller OK ???
Hi there,

thread is a bit old but I see nobody considered battery type.

You purchased a true MPPT controller (you can check reviews on youtube and see this yourself) and it actually seems to do quite a good job.

CPY-24x0 supports AGM and Gel batteries (lead acid) but not lithium batteries. You could be able to use lithium batteries on a non-lithium charger but only if you can be sure to get the correct charging strategy (and check the different phases bulk, flood, etc) which differs for the different battery types.

Maybe a problem could be that there's no button on the charger for setting the battery type on CPY-24x0, I suppose it does an autodetect or so; how do you know what charging strategy it's using? did you actually check it?

Plus, I saw lithium batteries charged on non-lithium controllers but it's not really straightforward, you must consider having, for e.g., a similar battery charge level for every individual 18650 used in the cell.

Just my 2c!

Bye from Italy

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