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Hey all.
Latest update on capacity testing. So far along the way.
I'm on my last box of 85 cells.
I'll get used to making videos if it kills me  Big Grin Big Grin
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Tested the 10 LiitoKala Lii - 50A 5000mAh 26650 I have. At 1A discharge they measure between 5700 (1) and 6000mAh (1) with 8 of them being little above 5800.
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Welcome on board, we are moving along the way.(my english is not so good sorry)

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(01-21-2019, 02:12 PM)bournevexed Wrote: Hey all, I'm from the UK. I love doing diy stuff especially with 18650/26650/ & lifepo cells if i can get hold of them. I have around 250-300 recycled 18650 cells that I intend on building a 24v portable power generator with these as a rough go. Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire I bought two liitokala charges last week & they have assisted my imax b6 v2 & opus bt-3100 in charging them cells.  I have ordered 140 brand new  26650 5000mah cells & I'm waiting for them (40 days or so) so I can build two 24v portable power generators that i can maybe also hook together for an EBike battery. Oh & by the way thank you all for your knowledge & work! I'll keep you updated as I go!

Welcome man

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