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[SELLING] 18650s in Germany for sale

Selling my extra, good, 18650s for all those who need cells in Germany. Impossible to sell internationally as DHL finds absolutely every battery you send by air and its all illegal.

Discharge test with OPUS BT-C3100 at 1A.
Brands are varied as always, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Sanyo and some Chinese ones in there too. 
They have been sitting for months now and have little to no voltage drop (max 0,05V) and they dont get warm while charging. I have discarded all bad cells.

The cells are grouped according to their remaining capacities.

-        x      2300-2399 mAh - 1,15€ per cell
168      x      2200-2299mAh  - 1,00€ per cell
54        x      2100-2199mAh  - 0,85€ per cell
9          x      2000-2099mAh  - 0,75€ per cell
43        x      1900-1999mAg  - 0,60€ per cell
30       of      1800-1899mAh  - 0,45€ per cell 
a lot of         1400-1799mAh  - 0,40€ per cell

84x (42x2) Sanyo R1112. The R1112 (or UR18650A, from what I can research) are rated at 2100mAh ( i think) and have a 10A constant discharge rating.
Selling them because they have two little capacity for my builds. I thought someone here might have a better use for them.
Extracted from 2 ebike batteries.
Testing in at 1900-2000 mAh and self discharge is minimal (written onto each cell), Internal resistance will be identical on all cells from the pack as well as the cycle they have undergone, so you can expect minimal voltage drift when you put them in a pack.

Price: 80€ plus shipping (just under 1€ per cell)

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