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dictionary add requests [ANSWERED]
Well I guess your just going to have to add these "words" to your browsers dictionary. Smile
Or turn off the dictionary and go back to grammar school and learn spelling unless you got an A+ in Language arts and then I apologize. Big Grin

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If 18 X 650 = 2200+mAh then we have power! 
May all your Cells have an IR of 75mΩ or less Smile
Last count as of 01/23/2020
Total Number of Cells Recorded and processed                 6263
Total Cells required for PowIRwall  14S80P+1                  1200
Total Cells ≥2200mAh, ≥80%, ≥35mΩ, ≤75mΩ, ≥4.12V   3286
For Info Google Drive
Not your average Wolf       
We cant do everything for the user... Correcting how people write or spell is not our task Smile
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