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Questions on my 1st build
(01-29-2019, 01:24 AM)mskip Wrote: Will these solar contr.chargers step up or down voltage needed to charge my pack (29.4V)?

Generally a charger controller will step down the power supply voltage (turbine/solar) down to what your battery needs. So as long as the controller ratings match on both input/output of your setup, then yes.
If you have 120VDC Solar, make sure the controller can handle that. Or what ever voltage you have. And you make sure of the "open voltage" of the solar, not the loaded voltage, as these are usually very different.
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Oh no ... no build yet. Still gathering components and doing a lot of research. There will be balance leads on every series - 7S build (7s14p).
Looked into some of the chargers you mentioned. SC608 is still available via US amazon site but that model is only 2S-6S plug. My guess is that I need one with 7S option (2S-8S plug?) That is why my search pointed me to ISDT T8 model (I know that is way overkill for my build).
ISDT D2 with dual option is neat unit, but again only up to 6S.
Any tips on cheaper balancing charger that can do 7S but will not be as expensive as T8?

Any tips from you are VERY appreciated!
mskip you are out of luck, in terms of iSDT, and this is pretty much my reason for getting a T8 -- its the ONLY one they have that does more than 6s.

since upgrading my sons scooter to a 7s ... and im working with 13s too at home ... its well worth it for me ...

if you have the money to assign to good hardware i say do it.  im still saving for an MC3000 and a BatMon5 ... so i thrash all my iSDT hardware and it takes the beatings, in great style.  they are just starting to come out with some touchscreen options now, but i digress ...

do you know anyone else in your location (which is??) ?  how about locals / mates into RC at all?  theyll have balance chargers for sure.  beg borrow (dont steal!) ... make ... buy ... you are going to have to spend.  i think your charger choice will have huge impact on how much you smile as you progress.  think of it as the office chair you sit on for hours each day at a computer.  hope that helps.
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I am an iSDT fanbois.  also a proud owner of two SC608AC's .. totally recommended.
(01-29-2019, 02:13 AM)DCkiwi Wrote: if you have the money to assign to good hardware i say do it.  im still saving for an MC3000......

Ha wouldnt you know it I just bought one of those. Glad its one of your choices too.


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Just this am ordered ISDT T8 charger from ali... (90 USD). Now looking for decent PSU for this. Any suggestions?
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For PSU's I use old computer PS's that are no longer needed which will give you 12v and 5V fairly stable. But with those smaller devices want higher input voltage and you can series those PS making sure to isolate the grounds and get 24V
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