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 DCkiwi's project pages:

this page is helpful in forming a collage for my project page index page (sic).  it scrapes the images from this first post and puts them below the cell stat table ...

core setup includes:
  • and so it begins ... DCkiwi has been 18650ED (depricated)
    this was my very first attempt at a project page.  was ok ... just seems so long ago, and I long to refactor (reorganise) all that info, and add some more while Im at it.  so Im basically just ditching this thread, and going to make a new and improved one ... thats the plan.

  • house wiring setup
    4s + 13s
  • powercase

  • wine cask box method.
  • workbench(1)
  • 3d printed
  • museum
    lots ...
  • stock on warm standby
    (all triple tested and at 3.92V)

micromobility batts:  (seperate projects? images elsewhere)
I have an electric skateboard -- Koowheel D3M -- modified to take external battery.
My son has an old Razor E100 upgraded with a Lithium battery and improved speed controller.
  • esk8(1)
  • scooter(1)
  • esk8(2)
  • scooter(2)
  • esk8(3)
    12s10p + 10s2p ... early stages ..

other batts (seperate projects?  images elsewhere)
  • capacity testing station
    self powered luggable, 16 slots featuring 72 slot recharge yoke
    and 1KWh battery (6s24p).
  • powerbank.smith
  • big8
  • field batt (1)

  • v20190129 - 2125
    added image/s to take advantage of excellent new projects section.

  • v20190128
    added changelog.
    scraped sig for content.
    renamed + added to 'basics' section.
    added call to action to the preface
    edit following supermod advice, thankyou.

Please feel free to 'ignore' this post ... ongoing in its making, and is really just my 'index page' which keeps track of my projects here.  I'm hoping this can be a page that just kinda 'goes away' from the new/recent posts.  Since its posted, it will age (until bumped .. :/ )
PM's are welcomed and responded to promptly.  Actively taking requests for prioritizing project threads.
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I am an iSDT fanbois.  also a proud owner of two SC608AC's .. totally recommended.

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