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Results of Capacity Testing 18650s for 1,000+ Cycles
The graphs are very interesting.
It's great that the good cells are still at 80% capacity after 1000 full cycles.
Shows good promise for those building powerwalls which will be less stressful on the cells.
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Such a test would be extremely interesting to be repeated after 1 year using the same cells.
That would allow us to see how storage affects them.
I do not recall seeing, but I would imagine there are plenty of folks who have cells in storage that could retest after 1 or even 1.5 years. Finding 2 years may be a stretch.

Is there a Benifit to testing using the Same cells as this thread

Given the high number of cells I have in storage it would be interesting to see if there is any long term impact
I have cells I have stored at various states of charge, just by chance (if I noticed the discharge part was done I pulled it off the charger), so I'll be retesting those in some time to see how that affects capacity.

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