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Downloads: PCB Design 18650 PCB for 15s4p by Shaun & Vinnie
Shaun & Vinnie's design for a 15s PCB-based powerwall (reposted here with his permission). I will do my best to keep up with posting new revisions.

.zip (Size: 222.97 KB / Downloads: 254)
.pdf   15s4p_board_V2.3.pdf (Size: 146.61 KB / Downloads: 462)

Shaun Wrote:Version 2.3 is ready! Everyone give vinnie a shoutout for all the long hours spent and the amazing work! This will probably be the last revision to the battery board for quite some time so, it’s looking like it’s pretty much where we want it to be.


Compatable with three mounting methods:
-Fuse wire soldered/spot welded to cell then soldered to board pad with zip ties
-Clip style smd holders (keystone/knockoffs)
-Clip and zip method

Same foot print for standoffs as 2.0 so they still stack

New flood fields for higher amprrage in choke points

Max amp Ratings printed on board

Increased distance possible between clips for clip and zip method hopefully solving the main issue with 2.0

Better visibility of fuses for checking for blown fuses

More text/instructions

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