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RV Battery basics? Li for house batts.

I am building my second camper van. First was an 83 Grumman now I have a 2018 Promaster. I was planning on using 2 200Ah AGM 6 volt batteries with alternator (220A), solar (200W) and occasionally shore powered (120V, 30A) charging. 

However... lithium has some obvious advantages. if I can build something basic, relatively simple and easy to maintain lithium would be the smart way to go.

I'm an industrial mechanic with fairly good understanding of electricity and good fabrication skills.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could steer me to articles and posts that would allow me to start to learn the basics, the beginner stuff so I can make good choices.



With 12v systems it is best to look toward LiFe batteries. Large format LiFe batteries would be your best option if you are looking for ease of assembly.
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You can go 24, 36, 48V as well. These have their advantages. But refitting an existing setup may prove a little more difficult.

If you go with the larger voltages, then you will need buck converters for most of your standard devices, like lights or fridge, etc. Unless those devices already run on AC. Then go with an inverter that's large enough to handle the loads.
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If it was me I'd got 24v (7s li-ion or 8s lifepo) and go with mostly victron stuff. Good products and the interface is sweet. I just built a Victron Venus Pi for monitoring my battery. Price of a raspberry pi 3 + a cheap 5" touchscreen.


I have it hooked up to a 12v LA test battery right now as I configure it for a portable pelican case build that will be a 7s li-ion 18650 build.

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