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HB Powerwall Mounts
Powerwall Mounting Systems

UPDATE - new plans for the wall mounts have been released by Mark J. Phillips email/paypal - mjp at mjpbase dot com

DOWNLOAD >>> <<< 

Well only really my mounts I'm selling but I can't post (at all) Prices are $85 ea, Laser cut, folded & powder coated black.

or for a PayPal donation you can use this ..

UPDATED PHOTO of the mount to try making it a little easier to read - unfortunately, this is all I got from the Laser Cutters. 
Click This image, then don't forget to hit the 'zoom in' button top right to make it original size

above diagram is straight from the laser cutters, differences in this V5 version is rounded corners where they COULD touch the cells and added 1mm (to that skinny bit at the top below the square bit) to allow for heat shrink to be fitted to reduce the chance of short to ground. 

After months of use, I've successfully tested my mounts with 157cells rather than 80p packs 

[Image: HBPPowerwall%20Mount%201.JPG]

[Image: HBPPowerwall%20Mount%202.jpg]

[Image: HBPPowerwall%20Mount%203.jpg]

[Image: HBPPowerwall%20Mount%204.jpg]

[Image: HBPPowerwall%20Mount%205.jpg]

[Image: HBPPowerwall%20Mount%206.jpg]

UPDATE - new plans for the wall mounts have been released
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