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Importing EV batteries into Australia
Hi Guys,
So.... I live in Australia. Government policies here are complicated and have resulted in low levels of EV purchase. Our property has a stand alone 48V solar system with a lead acid battery bank that will need to be upgraded in the next 1-2 years. 
The best solution might be to purchase a crashed EV battery, break down the modules and build a 48v battery bank but there don't seem to be any to buy in Australia.
It looks like you can buy crashed EV's all over the USA but according to an Australian Government website, it's illegal to import a vehicle into Australia to break up for parts. So I can't import one to get the battery and on sell the rest to a wrecker. A permit is required to bring a vehicle in so it would never make it off the docks without going through the legal channels.
No permit is required to import vehicle parts so I can just buy a battery bank and have it shipped here but the shipping cost can be a killer.
Does anyone have a suggestion of where to purchase used EV batteries from low mileage cars in Japan or the USA and how to ship them into Australia with minimal shipping costs? I'm looking for approx. 40kw of EV battery but will take what I can get.
Chevy Bolt bank...
2 x Chevy Volt banks…
2 x Chevy Spark banks...
Newer Nissan Leaf bank...
2 x older Nissan Leaf banks…
Any ideas?
Thank you
Yeah the work around is cutting the car in half turns it into "used car parts", which can then be imported unmolested.
It goes without saying you need to dismantle the HV wiring before doing that.

I'd have a talk with your state's branch, they should help.
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Thanks Station. Have you had success doing that?
Perhaps check these guys out -
(03-20-2019, 09:32 AM)Aussioffgrid Wrote: Thanks Station. Have you had success doing that?

Was the recommended way to do it, I was only after the battery, so would have had to find someone already bringing a container of car parts into Australia.
Didn't go ahead with it for several reasons.

Mighty Car Mods have some videos on importing cars from Japan.
They took the the two halves of the car and transferred the parts onto the shell of a lower spec car to get back the original car.

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