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Leaf Testing & Capacity
(02-06-2019, 01:57 PM)Edster Wrote: Oh my:
My avatar says it all. I joined the forum for the vast amount of knowledge others have. This post was to document what i have done for others to help guide me and slap my hand when doing something incorrectly. I found SOOOOO much information on testing 18650 cells (Equipment, methods, the "Do's" and the "Dont's") Above is simply my method and results of my equipment and batteries. This spring i will be putting Panels on the roof. I have winter to prep my powerwall, so as i make progress i am hoping to get PROPER and CORRECT information from the books i read and the "Battery Gods" found on this forum. Most importantly i want to ensure this will be a SAFE en-devour that will work as well. I am in no rush to get this done.(Wink Wink)

Big lesson 1: When purchasing 48 batteries, go as far as paying the seller to test one from the pack. If they are in the business of selling batteries this should be simple for them. If not find another seller. I wish i would of thought of this when i was shopping around. (NOOB mistake 1, others to come)
Myself being impulsive bought 20 Leaf modules without asking for a test. Thinking they only have about 43Ah each. Oh well, live and learn.
(02-06-2019, 10:48 AM)Dala Wrote: Question for you well versed in leaf cell testing,

I recently did a discharge on my Leaf cell, from 4.1V -> 3.3V, @ 5Amp discharge.
USA 2013 cell: 39,77Ah
Italy 2014 cell: 43,30Ah

Does this sound like normal values? I guess when you start at 4.2V and discharge down to 3V you'll get closer to 60Ah?

No, there's very little capacity below 3.6v - the graph previously posted hints at how little, and shows the rapid Vd.

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