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the "this sounds like a fun project" powerwall (in Belgium)
Small update: I installed the second half of my cells, so I now have 14S 120P (built in 2 x 60P).
I'll be doing some fine tuning in the next couple of days / weeks.

One issue I'm having is the quality of the power signal that is generated by the PIP5048-GK.  I've had LED lights in most of the house for a while now, but the Filament LED's that I have give a lot of flickering.  It also happens with halogen bulbs, yet other LED's with some built-in electronics seems to have little to no issues. 

I didn't give much attention to it when buying the inverter, but could it be that the PIP5048-GK being a PF 1.0 unit is giving me issues?

I think I have most settings right, though I could change the mode from UPS to appliance (it just seems more logical to have it in UPS, so there's no power interuption?)

To give you an idea of the loads currently connected:
- almost all indoor lighting, mostly LED or Halogen behind dimmers. Consumption ranging from a few W to 150W.
- 1 server @ 180 W, 1 pc monitoring the PIP inverter and Batrium setup @ 65 W and my own desktop @ 150W.
- central ventilation unit @ 40W
- TV set and digital TV box @ 20W idle, 200W load.
- some small standby consumption like alarm clocks, phone chargers, etc...
PIP5048-GK, 12 * 280 Wp Solar, 14S120P (273 Ah) battery storage

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