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Mockingbird Hill Farm(MHF) Powerwall 1
(03-10-2019, 03:02 AM)BlueSwordM Wrote: @Church1182, do not buy any of Liitokala 18650s please!

They are all Chinese fakes actually, and selling Chinese cells. Why do you think they always say Liitokala 30Q, or Liitokala 26F, and not the real manufacturer name?

Heck, look at one of the Liitokala Samsung 30Q listings.

These have 4 positive poles. Real Samsung 30Qs only have 3.

If they are selling fake cells, who says they aren't selling all rewrapped Chinese cells?

There have been reports of cells having too high internal resistance, or even leaking!

I agree with Geek, I wouldn't call them a fake cell. It is an 18650 battery being marketed and sold as a LiitoKala battery, not Samsung. I just found it interesting that it said Samsung under the label. My guess is that they are one of a few posabilities.
1) They are a very cheap chinese cell made to appear as a rebranded Samsung cell. That does happen in marketing/sales. They could be total junk, time will tell.
2) They are cells manufactured by Samsung that didn't make the quality control check to be sold as Samsung cells and rather than going to a landfill/scrapper they were sold off in bulk to be rebranded and sold as an inferior cell. Given the results thus far on my testing I would be inclined to go with this possibility. It very well could have been manufactured in a Samsung plant, but it didn't test like what you would consider a genuine Samsung cell, it will never perform as such, and was not sold as such. I don't expect it to be.
2.b) They are the the first or last cells off the production line while they were getting everything dialed in. Still a usable cell, just not for the Samsung 26FM spec sheet. They bulk those up, sell them off to a rebrander and at least recover cost on it. Happens all the time in manufacturing. 

My last 4 cells are in the charger today. I have not compiled the numbers or done the full charge AC Impedance check on all the cells, but there have been a number of cells testing under 2600 mAh. The first cell I had under 2600 went back in the charger and ran another test cycle. It went up in capacity by roughly 50 mAh, to 2590. Technically within the stated spec for this battery on the listing (2500-2600, 2600 nominal).

If you run across a deal on them on Ali or eBay and can/want to gamble on them then go for it, but don't expect too much. Would I recommend everyone run out and buy all of these you can? No. Absolutely not. For one I paid $1.64/cell to my door which was slightly more than I really wanted to spend, but they are supposed to be the same chemistry and capacity range for the cells I already have. Right now the same listing has changed prices and the best I can get them for now is $2.06/cell. I would not do that for these. You win some, you lose some. Hopefully this turns out to be a win. I'll keep an eye out for leaks.
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I would have still gone with QueenBattery. You wouldn't even need to test them. Maybe just pick a few and check. However I will be watching this project closely. If Liitokala was really as bad as what is said, they could not still be operating.

The cells most likely are better than second hand laptop cells.
Yep. I would still go with QueenBattery of course.

See, the problem with Liitokala is that they swapped their cells back in around the end of 2017, and then started to change cell titles everywhere around.
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