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Drill batteries
Hi everyone,

I had a look around and couldn’t find anything that would fit my needs.

Well, I’m have 3 or 4 makita batteries that no longer charges (prossible bad batteries or bad PCB’s). My doubts here are, can I replace them with harvested laptop batteries (all over 2000mAh)? Would then old the power that a drill needs or what?

Anyone here have tried out this or is better to order some new from LG/SAMSUNG?

Thanks for any help.
Laptop batteries will not work, not enough current. Try using the good cells from one of your batteries to replace the bad cells of the other batteries you have.
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Exactly, the usual ICR cells from laptops and not nearly powerful enough. You need the good IMR/INR/Hybrid stuff.

So, with your batteries you can do one of the following:

1) If the cells are ok then replace the failed BMS or write it off and reclaim the cells for another project.
2) If the cells are bad then replace them with new ones like Samsung INR18650-25R or -30Q, LG HG2 or any model you like capable of at least 15 or 20 amps.
3) If you have cases of 1) and 2) then you can combine the working parts of each battery to make working batteries out of the parts.
Makitas generally use medium current batteries. Sony V3, Sanyos or 1500-2250mAh work fine and they're easy to find from various other battery packs.

No, laptop cells will not work. They may work on junk low cost low power tools but not on Makitas.

It's quite possible that in long term stored Makita batteries only the 1st pair is bad, so if that's the case you can fix 4 18V batteries by ripping cells from a 5th (or 3 with a 4th for 14.4V ones).

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